The National President of the Christian Council of Nigeria, CCN, Most Rev. Benebo Fubara-Manuel has faulted the government for its inability to control abuse against women and children with insecurity being the order of the day.


Most Rev. Benebo attributed the rise in the violence against women and girls to the killings and abductions by herdsmen. He charged the government to step up their efforts and do more to end the violence against women.

In his words: “We are not convinced that the governments of the nations of our world are sufficiently tackling the challenges with respect to violence against women and girls. Clearly, our country is not winning in this battle. But it should win.

“We have all it takes to have a secure country and to end all forms of violence especially those against women and girls. The political and social systems are not skewed in favour of women and girls but rather against them. The religious systems worsen their plight even when claiming to be the agents of liberation. We regret all these and set ourselves on the path of change.

“We commit, therefore, to directly, personally and communally opposing all systems of marginalization that we have inherited or set up or that we are presently designing or setting up. We commit to promoting practices and establishing institutions that would allow women and girls to flourish in all ways – spiritually, physically, sexually, emotionally, and psychologically.

“We name Violence Against Women and Girls as a real evil confronting all communities in our country today. We admit that it happens in our homes, institutions, religious organizations,”