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GH Celebs Have Ignored Sick Kunta Kinte But Waiting To Write RIP When He Dies – Actor Blast Celebrities



Kumawood actor and musician Frank Naro have taken to his page to blast Ghanaian celebrities Shatta Wale raised concerns that Nigerians do not support Ghanaian artists.

Social media has been heated up with the fight Shatta Wale started on social media about Nigerian artists not supporting Ghanaian artists. His tweets caused a lot of confusion on social media with other Nigerians lambasting Shatta Wale.

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In the midst of the brouhaha, Kumawood actor Frank Naro has taken to his Instagram page to blast Ghaianas celebrities ranting about receiving support from Nigerians when they do not support their own.

Frank cited an example of singer Kunta Kinte who has been sick for many years. He left the music industry due to his health condition. Frank has lambasted celebrities for failing to support the artist but will share his photo and tag him with a RIP caption to show their fake love to him.

He wrote, “This Ghana And Nigeria Unnecessary Banter Is Not Ending Soon Till We Ghanaians Sit Up, I Am Lost Here Sef, What’s Is Our Beef?🤷🏽‍♂️ That Nigerians Don’t Support Us? Eeii, But Wait How Often Do We Support Our Self’s? An Industry That Doesn’t Deliberately Give New Artist The Chance Wants To Talk About Support From A Sister Country…”

“Kunta Kente Has Been In This Country For sometime After His Sickness What Did We Do Support Him? I Guess We Are Waiting For His Death To Say All The Nonsense N Gibrish Messages To Him. Aaa Support! Hmm, Let Me Forget About You People Sef… Shout Out To @realflowkingstone For Standing Behind Your Bro. Let’s Support Ourselves If We Want Support From Outside. #FixYourHome“

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