Actress Rita Dominic has called on young people who lost incomes and opportunities because of the Twitter ban in Nigeria to get their PVC and vote wisely next year.


The Nigerian government without thinking about the masses who use Twitter as a way of getting income and opportunities banned it for months without any explanation but has lifted the ban now that the election is approaching.

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She shared a video educating her fans and followers of Nigeria that their vote counts hence they should get their PVC and vote wisely when the time comes for them to vote especially those who were affected by the ban of Twitter now that it’s been lifted for political reasons.

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Almost everyone knows that the government lifted the ban on Twitter for political reasons because they think they could use it to their advantage until next year when they go to the polls but the masses are now wiser than they thought.

It’s not going to be easy for politicians in Nigeria to manipulate the youths into voting for them this election as they are becoming wise and realizing that they only think about themselves after the election which is why Rita Dominic has advised that every single youth should get their PVC.

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