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Germany to bring in Turkish migrants ‘to man posts’ in major airports ‘to solve airport delays’ 



Peculiarly, Germany can’t seem to find any Germans willing to fill positions at Nuremberg, Munich and Frankfurt airports. So they’re fast-tracking an undetermined number of Turkish migrants to try to solve the problem of a major shortage of workers.

As usual, Germany keeps ignoring its Muslim migrant assimilation problems as it continues to implode overall. Its dependence on Russian oil has led it to economic disaster, after German officials ridiculed Trump’s warning about this. Germany has already banned hot water in public buildings and is bracing for a winter crisis as it turns to coal for energy. A flood of Turkish migrants manning German airports will only add to the country’s woes. The Guardian reported in June that thousands of them were set to arrive. So much for airport security.

Related: some years ago, former Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that an anti-Semitism problem rising in Germany was coming to the country from “refugees or people of Arab origin.”

“Airports are expecting hundreds of foreign helpers from mid-August,” translated from “Flughäfen rechnen ab Mitte August mit Hunderten ausländischen Hilfskräften,” Spiegel, August 3, 2022:

At many German airports, the lack of staff is causing long waiting times and cancellations. From mid-August, auxiliary workers are to come from abroad. But further strikes could threaten air traffic.

Because airports and airlines cut staff en masse during the pandemic, many German airports are falling into chaos. Soon, however, hundreds of helpers from abroad should alleviate the situation. It is “realistic that 250 foreign helpers will be there by mid-August,” said Thomas Richter, chairman of the employers’ association of ground handling service providers in aviation (ABL), the editorial network Germany (RND).

Summer of Displeasure
At the airports in Munich, Nuremberg and Frankfurt, the helpers could remedy the situation. With a view to the required documents, one is in the “final stages.” However, there are still bureaucratic hurdles.

In June, the federal government created the possibility of recruiting temporary workers from third countries – mainly from Turkey. However, the helpers have to go through a reliability check. The general manager of the airport association, Ralph Beisel, told the RND that the recruitment of urgently needed personnel could be “significantly facilitated by a more efficient and thus shorter examination, without sacrificing safety standards.”…