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Germany: Muslims screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ drown out protest against execution of homosexuals in Iran



It’s unfortunate that the hate-filled, dishonest smear merchant Maryam Namazie was involved in this demonstration, as it sullies the demonstrators’ stand for human rights. Namazie is a Marxist, which means that her opposition to Islam is just a matter of wanting to exchange one form of violent, inhuman authoritarianism for another. She is a vicious Jew-hater who has spread “Palestinian” jihad propaganda. Namazie is also a liar, as she falsely claims here that Pamela Geller and I have accused her of practicing taqiyya, and she has published an entire report defaming and libeling us in numerous ways. I don’t think she is practicing taqiyya, and have never said she was. I do think she is a lying Communist anti-Semite.

Nonetheless, it is telling that Namazie’s protest against the death sentence given to two lesbians in Iran was drowned out by Muslim protesters. German authorities should realize that the counterprotestors adhere to Sharia, and thus see nothing wrong with the sentence in Iran, and if they adhere to Sharia in this one particular, they likely adhere to the rest of it. Those authorities should ponder the implications of that for Germany’s future. But they won’t. Their Leftist order in which homosexuality is protected and celebrated will soon enough come crashing down at the hands of people like these counterprotestors, but German authorities aren’t willing to face that eventuality.

“Cologne: Protest against execution of homosexuals shouted down with ‘Allahu akbar,’” translated from “Köln: Protest gegen Hinrichtung Homosexueller mit „Allahu akbar“-Rufen niedergeschrien,” by David Berger, Philosophia Perennis, September 12, 2022 (thanks to Medforth):

On Saturday, September 10, 2022, a rally was held in the center of Cologne at the invitation of the “International Committee against Executions” to protest against the death sentence against two lesbian LGBT activists in Iran. An unfortunate but significant incident occurred.

When the Iranian-born author Maryam Namazie raised her voice on the Cologne Cathedral Square for the women Zahra and Elham, who should be executed for their work against the criminalization of homosexuality in Iran, she began a group of young Muslims by shouting “Allah o Akbar ‘ to yell down.

They were upset not by the fact that two women in Iran were sentenced to death for being lesbians, but because a placard reading “AllahIsAWoman” was on display at the rally.

German gay associations keep silent
A commenter on Twitter: “You’re upset about a saying… but not about gay people being executed. But if someone said an insult against them, they would be the first to complain of bigotry.”

So far, there has been no comment on the incident from the numerous homosexual associations that suspect homophobia everywhere else. Homo-activists were also obviously not represented at the rally.


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