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Gateman crashes madam’s car while learning how to drive in her absence (Video)



A security man has landed in trouble after he attempted to perfect his driving skills with his employer’s car.

He caused a dent his madam’s SUV while trying to learn how to drive out of the compound in reverse.

The gateman reportedly waited for his madam to go out and he used that chance to test drive the whip but it ended in disaster. He hit the back bumper on the gate and it almost came off.

In a video recorded by the woman’s child and posted online, someone could be seen inspecting the damage done to the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the gateman stood frozen at a distance and watched in silence as someone believed to be a member of the family assessed the level of damage.

He folded his arms across his chest because he realised the grave error he made by driving the car.

”POV: Your gateman used your mum’s car to learn how to reverse when she wasn’t home”, the caption read.

See the clip below:

In reaction, social media users opined that he would either lose his job or his boss would deny him his salary.

clear_stretch_; He don loose his job and he will pay for damages with all his past month’s salary.

iamyetundebakare; Na so his salary go reverse

big_ray001; This feeling ni**a is traumatized

fashion_magicblog; When you drop key with them story must enter

goldenson6345; Na to just Dey work without salary 😫😫😭

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heisixlord; He don sabi reverse now? Make e dey reserve dey go village

nohpheesat; Somebody please play me no go dey do pass your self by kizz Daniel 😂

classic._xchange; The guy wan be superstar 😂😂😂😂

tour_lanny; Sheyb he dey collect salary?

princessprice2; Is this playing 😂😂😂😂

prettygifttyy; Kindly apply for gate man work for 5yrs.

Meanwhile another video which sparked reactions online captures the over-excited reaction of a security guard to the news of his employer welcoming a child.

A Nigerian man and his wife who just welcomed a baby arrived at their home from the hospital and the gateman was full of joy.

In the video which is circulating on social media, they could be seen stepping out of the car one after the other.

They were treated to a warm welcome from everyone including the gateman who burst into a celebratory dance.

The husband opened the doors for his wife and an elderly woman to alight from the vehicle.

The elderly woman who is believed to be mother to one of them, stepped out of the car with the baby wrapped nicely.

She immediately began dancing when the gateman ran close to her and joined in dancing while lifting hands in thanks.

Netizens were very observant of how the gateman seemed more happy than the couple that just welcomed a baby.