Gani Adams has lashed out at the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) for asserting that the anti-open grazing law is going to hike the price of cows.


Recall that MACBAN had said the anti-open grazing law could make a cow cost as much as N2 million and as such the anti-open should be repealed.

Gani Adams reacted to the news and posited that the MACBAN cannot keep on threatening the South with the price of cows.

He said, “Countries are moving towards creating a secure environment for their people and in a situation where a profession within agriculture is creating problems, creating insecurity for us in every region, the governors of the South have right to decide how to protect the lives and property of their citizens.

“I agree totally with the Southern governors on anti-grazing laws and I believe the best thing to do now is to implement that law and to watch the states and to even appeal to them that they should sign that bill backed (sic) their state assemblies into law because it is very important because of their citizens.

“If they said cows will cost N2 million, if it is too costly, we can subscribe to be eating fish and all other content that is eatable that we can use to balance our meals because our lives are very important – if you are lifeless, you can’t eat cow, if you are in an unsafe environment, you can’t eat cow.

“When you are living in a panic environment, there would be no economic buoyancy because investors will not come and invest in that environment.

“If they said that cows will be too expensive, we too will start our initiative based on ranching, we will start our own agricultural system and try to encourage our people to rear cows within our region. The Western Region had done it before and it succeeded by giving us our own livestock through the agricultural ministry.”