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France: Presidential hopeful slams out-of-control Muslim migration, vows to tear up migrant treaty with UK



Last week, Jihad Watch reported that according to the UK Border Force’s ex-chief Tony Smith, Britain could face up to 100,000 migrants per year if a deal is not struck with France. Smith also said that illegal Muslim migration is reaching epidemic levels.

France complains that it is protecting Europe from Muslim migrants, while Britain complains that France is driving the Muslim migrants across the English Channel. The bottom line: no one wants the migrants, and that is not because they are Muslims, as Leftist social justice warriors complain. Responsible immigration is key. The problems stem from the multitudes of unvetted illegal Muslim migrants swarming into the EU and the UK. Among them are criminals and jihadists.  Europe’s no-go-zones, Britain’s Muslim rape gangs, jihad attacks, the proliferation of jihad preaching, London’s soaring violent crime (see also HERE), Europe’s rise in antisemitism (also HERE) have also been documented — among much more.

Unmanaged mass Muslim migration has proved disastrous, and globalist politicians have shown no will or plan to control it. For globalists, anyone deserves to come into Western countries as a “human right,” all while Muslim countries shut their doors to their coreligionists.

The deaths of 27 migrants who drowned off the coast of Calais after their dinghy capsized can be blamed squarely on politicians who encourage reckless immigration and send the clear message of “all are welcome no matter what.” Even in Canada, globalist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau threw out the welcome mat to Islamic State returnees, whom he believes can be rehabilitated. The narrowness and ego of Western Leftists is evident in their thinking that every culture and religion thinks the same way they do — or at least they pretend to believe this. Free societies are being attacked and destroyed from within. The term “ostrich syndrome” merely begins to describe the ignoring of 1400 years of Islamic history and the range of tactics jihadis employ to subvert non-Muslim societies.

Now, as tensions between Britain and France reach boiling levels, Michel Barnier — described as “center-right” and as a viable contender against Marine LePen — has “dramatically urged France to tear up border treaty with UK.” Watch this video. Barnier points out the inept handling of out-of-control immigration and the abandonment of concern for the security of citizens. Many people, according to Barnier, are witnessing “savage behavior” in their neighborhoods, and the authority of the state is no longer respected.

“French presidential hopeful Michel Barnier vows to TEAR UP border treaty with Britain and let ALL migrants travel to the UK to claim asylum after ‘petulant’ Macron’s bust-up with Boris over tragedy that killed 27,” by Jack Wright, MailOnline, November 27, 2021:

The EU’s former Brexit negotiator has dramatically urged France to tear up its migrant treaty with Britain and send asylum-seekers across the Channel as tensions between London and Paris boil over.

Michel Barnier, the former French Europe minister who dreams of unseating Emmanuel Macron at next year’s presidential elections, vowed that he would pull France out of the Treaty of Touquet governing Anglo-French border relations if he wins the ballot.

Under the terms of the agreement struck in 2003, each country has immigration control points at Dover and Calais. Britain is responsible for financing and running security at its border sites in northern France. In return, it is up to France to stop migrants trying to enter the UK illegally.

Paris has complained that, in practice, they are managing the British border with mainland Europe. They have also claimed that the treaty has resulted in huge numbers of migrants setting up campsites – such as the infamous Jungle dismantled in 2016 – at its ports as they attempt to enter Britain.

London has accused the French of failing to stop migrants illegally crossing the Narrow Sea, despite paying Paris £54million in installments to increase patrols in a bid to curb Channel voyages. France has previously has raised the prospect of ending checks on migrants unless Britain backs down in the ongoing post-Brexit dispute over fishing licences.

Mr Barnier’s extraordinary intervention comes amid yet another Anglo-French diplomatic spat over the deaths of 27 migrants who drowned off the coast of Calais after their dinghy capsized this week.

President Macron, who has clashed with Boris Johnson over a range of issues including fishing rights, claimed the Prime Minister’s open letter – in which he outlined a plan to clamp down on people-smugglers sending asylum seekers to Britain – was a breach of French sovereignty. He responded by disinviting Home Secretary Priti Patel from crucial crisis talks.

Today, a former Labour Cabinet minister blamed the Channel crisis on Brexit and appeared to take sides with President Macron in their war of words.

David Miliband, chief executive of the International Rescue Mission, told Radio 4’s Today programme that Mr Johnson’s letter to the French President was ‘unwise’. The former Foreign Secretary, who supported the Remain campaign in the 2016 referendum, said the crisis is ‘a graphic demonstration of what Brexit means’.

‘I think the French government were quite wrong to disinvite the UK (for talks) because obviously the UK needs to be part of it,’ he said.

‘But the Government was most unwise to write a letter, apparently an hour after the Prime Minister spoke to President Macron, which on any reading could be seen to be designed to infuriate President Macron. You can say that he was wrong to be infuriated but it wasn’t sensible to try and infuriate him. And in the end we’re going to have to make up and make good for what Brexit has created.’




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