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France: Muslim migrant threatens cops, ‘I will find you, you questioned a Muslim, you will go to hell’



How dare the police question a Muslim? This Algerian is enraged; the cops should know their place, and recognize who their new overlords are.

“Cherbourg. Injured in a fight in the street, a 40-year-old insults caregivers and police,” translated from “Cherbourg. Blessé dans une bagarre dans la rue, un quadragénaire insulte soignant et policiers,” La Presse de la Manche, August 26, 2022 (thanks to Medforth):

Injured in a street fight in Cherbourg (Manche) in April 2021, a 42-year-old man went to court because he had insulted police officers and a carer.

It must be said that he was intoxicated. Well… “intoxicated but not drunk,” as he told the judge. On April 11, 2021, the police are called because two men are fighting in the street. One of the opponents, a 42-year-old man born in Algeria, injured in the hand, throws himself on the other, and replies with a punch. In view of his injury, the police took him to the emergency room

In the hospital waiting room, he attacks the police, insults them and threatens them: “I will find you, bastards! You questioned a Muslim: you will go to hell!“ Out of his mind, the alcohol warming him up, he also gets angry at the caregiver who tries to calm him down to carry out his task. In vain. “Shut up!,” he replies, and the insults burst out, along with the violent gestures.

The criminal record does not speak for him. Between 2001 and 2020, he was on trial in Paris, Caen, Laval and Argentan for theft, a drug affair, gang related violence, drink driving and damage to property. 

The deputy prosecutor, in view of the record, announced that he could only request a mixed sentence: 6 months in prison, 3 of which were probationary suspended for 18 months, and the revocation of 3 months suspended sentence on a previous case.

The magistrate asks that he be fined €300 for insulting law enforcement officials, and €100 for public and manifest drunkenness. Me Carré, who defended him, pleaded against a prison sentence, and for support for his client during the 18 months of probation. The caregiver did not ask for compensation, the two police officers asked for €700 each.