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France: Knife-wielding Muslim screams at other Muslims: ‘You are bad Muslims. I will cut you all up!’



Maybe they were drinking alcohol. In any case, he immediately begins threatening violence, as there is a death penalty for heresy and apostasy in Islam.

“Grenoble: knife attack on Place Notre-Dame,” translated from “Grenoble : attaque au couteau sur la place Notre-Dame.” by Vanessa Laime, Le Dauphiné, August 11, 2022 (thanks to Medforth):

“For me, it’s clear, it was a terrorist act! “Still in shock, this 40-year-old from Grenoble – who wishes to remain anonymous – recounts how he and several of his friends were attacked by an unknown person armed with a knife, this Thursday August 11 in the midst of noon, while they were seated…

“ He started by saying ‘Hello’ to us and then he asked us if we were Arabs ”, explains the witness. “ He himself was of the North African type and he insisted by asking the question several times. We answered him “yes” and there he pulled out a knife at least 50 centimeters and he started shouting: “You are shaming your religion! You are bad Muslims. I will cut you all up!”…

As his pursuers continued to surround him from a safe distance, the man ended up kneeling, hands on his head, in front of the police who were pointing him with their service weapon.