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France: ‘Islamophobia’ top dog hits surveillance of mosques, says churches and synagogues should be watched, too



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Marwan Muhammad complains that the government should conduct surveillance in a balanced way of all places of worship. He ignores, and wants you to ignore, that terror plotting sometimes takes place in mosques, but never in churches or synagogues.

“‘Racist,’ ‘Islamophobia,’ ‘discriminatory’: former CCIF president attacks the surveillance of Muslim places of worship,” translated from “« Raciste », « islamophobie », « discriminatoire » : l’ancien président du CCIF s’en prend au contrôle des lieux de culte musulmans,” Valeurs Actuelles, December 30, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

The Collective against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) may have been dissolved since 2020, its former spokesperson and executive director, Marwan Muhammad, continues to propagate ambiguous rhetoric on social networks. Most recently, on Wednesday December 29, he spoke about the fight against jihadism and the surveillance of Muslim places of worship. According to him, there is a simple way to “evaluate the Islamophobia of the French government,” namely to publish the data on the controls carried out at places of worship. And he does not hesitate to become ironic, accusing the government of targeting only mosques.

“Either these data show that the government conducts surveillance in a balanced way of all places of worship […] without deliberate focus on a particular religion with justified reasons,” which would be very good according to him, because “we will all be reassured.” He laughs. Either “political opportunists are diverting public resources for the purposes of racist targeting and discriminatory treatment of Muslims,” ​​he blurted out, which he called “Islamophobia.” He therefore calls for the data to be released by the government “unless there is something to hide.”

Jihadist Christians?

At the same time, he denounces the fact that the government uses “the means of the state for the purposes of surveillance, listing and intimidation, and discriminatory treatment of Muslims.” A thread that has not left some internet users indifferent. One of them asks him if he knows “Christian or Jewish jihadists.” Another told him that there are “no such bloody crimes committed in the name of Christianity and Judaism in France.”

Last July, Marwan Muhammad told numerous lies about the plight of Muslims in France while he was a guest on Turkish television. In particular, he said that the French government had “sent the police everywhere, by road, to monitor the Muslim communities in France,” to see “if they were sacrificing sheep, if they were celebrating Eid.” He further added that in France, “the mere fact of practicing one’s religion is a source of stigmatization.”




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