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France: ‘F*** the Islamophobes,’ ‘To all teachers, I’ll behead you’



This is France’s wonderful new diversity, which is a cause for unalloyed joy.

“After the tribute to Samuel Paty, threatening graffiti directed at teachers at Jaume high school in Pierrelatte,” translated from “Après l’hommage à Samuel Paty, un tag menaçant envers les profs au lycée Jaume à Pierrelatte,” by Damien Triomphe, France Bleu, October 22, 2021  (thanks to Medforth):

Threatening graffiti was discovered Thursday, October 21 on a door of a boy’s toilet at the Gustave-Jaume high school in Pierrelatte, “To all teachers, I’ll behead you.” The academic director of Drôme calls for restraint and vigilance.

“Does it have a meaning? Is it a matter of stupidity? In any case, it automatically puts us on alert,” the academic director of Drôme, Pascal Clément, assures us. And for good reason: extremely threatening graffiti was discovered Thursday, October 21 at the very beginning of the afternoon on the door of the boy’s toilet at the Lycée Gustave-Jaume in Pierrelatte. It said “F*** the Islamophobes,” “To all teachers, I’ll behead you,” among other things.

The principal lodged a complaint. The graffiti was obviously erased in the wake of its discovery. A message was sent internally to the staff of the establishment. “The best way to deal with this is to inform so that everyone is vigilant,” the academic director explained. Threats written by one or more young people may not reflect their intentions, “we don’t know how genuine the message is,” warns Pascal Clément.

Tuesday, October 19, a hooded individual already burst into a class in progress and threw a chair in the direction of a teacher, who avoided it.