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France: Afghan Muslim migrant stabs passers-by while ‘uttering words in Arabic,’ cops search for motive



Oddly enough, they decided that he isn’t mentally ill, which is European authorities’ favorite form of jihad denial.

“Le Mans: police custody maintained for the man who stabbed passers-by,” translated from “Le Mans : garde à vue maintenue pour l’homme ayant poignardé des passants,” by Steve Tenré, Le Figaro, July 27, 2022 (thanks to Medforth):

Two people suffered major injuries but their lives are not in danger.

The man arrested on Wednesday in Le Mans after injuring several passers-by with a knife is being held in police custody, his state of mental health having been deemed compatible with this measure, the prosecution announced on Thursday July 28.

“The state of mental health of the person concerned was judged by the requested expert to be compatible with the measure of police custody to which he was subject. This measure is therefore maintained, the person concerned has returned to jail and the investigation is continuing, ”said the public prosecutor of Le Mans, Delphine Dewailly, at the start of the morning. Born in Afghanistan and aged 32, this man had “attacked passers-by by stabbing them, while repeatedly uttering words in Arabic,” detailed the magistrate on Wednesday in a press release. Two people suffered “significant injuries” without their life being in danger, the magistrate said.

The first elements collected had not made it possible to establish “the terrorist dimension of this action,” she had emphasized. Arrested and placed in police custody on the charge of “attempted murder,” this man was the subject of an examination by a psychiatrist “in order to assess the compatibility of his mental and physical state with the measure of custody,” said Delphine Dewailly on Wednesday. “Of foreign nationality” and “recently settled in Le Mans,” he “benefits from a valid residence permit on national territory,” according to the prosecution. The investigation, entrusted to the Regional Service of the Judicial Police of Angers, must specify the circumstances of the facts and establish the motivations of the perpetrator.