After his wife Miracle Adoma intervened in time, the controversy involving Kofi Adoma’s infidelity is once again in the news.


The former Adom TV & radio broadcaster received harsh criticism after recently admitting to cheating on his wife with several women on live radio, which was also broadcast live on Angel TV.

Even though it appeared the versed journalist chose this course to win his wife’s approval and make her think of him as a “new creature,” most Ghanaians have still criticized him and referred to him as an incorrigible liar who will keep cheating on his wife.

Afia Schwarzenegger was the first to criticize Kofi, calling him a ruthless cheat whose methods will not change.

Afia Schwarzenner alleged Kofi Adoma allegedly preys on wealthy ladies, sleeping with them before moving on to his next meal.

Kofi Adoma’s wife has begged him to stop explaining himself amid all the commotion since eventually people have more control over their own opinions than actual facts.

This came after Kofi made an effort to explain himself and convince his doubters that he had undergone a transformation.

Miracle Adomah called into the live session to stop Kofi Adomah from explaining. Miracle Adomah asserts that he is not need to explain because she is unconcerned by the assertions and rumors floating around.

“Mr. Adomah, I don’t like what you are doing. Kindly stop. Baby please stop what you are doing. Stop what you are saying. People will believe what they want to believe. I am not complaining. Baby, I am not complaining and worried, so please stop it,

Miracle worries that the conflict as a whole may harm their kids.

She said, “stop explaining, stop it! Stop it! Baby please, kindly end it. Let everybody say whatever they want to say. Please don’t say anything again for the sake of our children.”