Nollywood director Otu Njama has reportedly passed away.

Otu Njama’s demise comes after that of his coworker, Biyi Bandele, who passed away on August 9.


His sister, Judith, is cited in a Lindaikejiblog report as saying that Otu Njama passed away late night, August 9.

Per the reports, he was discovered dead in his residence in the First Unity estate in Badore, Ajah, Lagos state, at around 9 o’clock at night.

According to the rumor surrounding his passing, the filmmaker had a checkup with his doctor just before he passed away and was advised to relax because he had high blood pressure.

It was also gathered that, Njama declined the advise because he had a gig scheduled for tomorrow, August 11.

According to additional sources, his body was found in his house that night after he had eaten and gone to bed.

According to his sister, a drug was discovered in his residence, and an internet search revealed it was a blood pressure medication. She said that her brother had never informed her of any health problems.

In other news, actress and movie producer, Mary Njoku, has producer for Nollywood films, has explained why women should also have their DNA tested.

Mary Njoku emphasized that a guy should not assume that his wife is unfaithful since his alleged child turned out to be someone else’s, despite her emphasis on the fact that unusual things are happening right now.

The director in a recent update on her Instagram page advised conducting a second DNA test on the wife to see whether the child is also hers.

She shared ..... with the caption:

“If the child yours, he/she might not be hers too. There is a that possibility.”

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