In what we have chanced upon as a shocking video, a female secondary school student has been captured compelling her male classmate to lock lips with her during school hours.


In the video sighted by Ghgossip, the ‘poor’ boy who felt reluctant to fulfil the bidding of his female classmate consistently tried keeping his lips away from her.

The female friend who also captured the whole moment could be heard saying the “girl has been chasing the guy for some time now but he has not given in to her demand of being in a romantic relationship”. 

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Watch the video below…………………………….

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See how netizens reacted to the video;

dw33_t33r wrote; next time i will go to shs i will do home economic

thenaadollas wrote; This is harassment, let the table turn now and it’ll be a national issue.

itz__yeesha wrote; She’s harassing him but nobody will see it, if the tables where turned the boy will be cussed out

justmeeekeg wrote; There is no work, Allow. They have started their own business.

emefaprecy wrote; This is harassment 🙄🙄 imagine if it was a guy doing this to a lady, we won’t have peace in this kentry😢😢

m_otoo wrote; The payroll system is full , graduates are thinking how to breakthrough,you be there and chop love waiii, u are coming

jendor56 wrote; I am of the opinion the students are widely exposed to many more sexual activities