Reno Omokri has cautioned the Pope and the Catholic Church to take action against Father Mbaka or risk the pain of having their name dragged in the mud.

According to Reno. Fr. Mbaka has had his name dragged in mud so the Catholic Church should allow him to do politics on a full time. He took to his Instagram page to lambast Fr. Mbaka.

His post read: I said it before, and I will say it again:

If the @CatholicChurch and Pope @Franciscus do not defrock Reverend Father Mbaka, he will drag the name of the Catholic Church in mud, and undermine the faith of Catholics. Release Mbaka to face his politics full time!

Some people compare Mbaka to Bishop Matthew Kukah. There is a big difference. Bishop Kukah condemns bad governance, as Isaiah 1:17 instructs clergy to do. But Kukah has never, ever campaigned for a candidate, or asked people not to vote for anyone. He has never claimed God spoke to him and told him one candidate is a ‘saviour’ ‘liberator’, and ‘an answer to prayer’, while another is ‘evil’ and wants to assassinate him. Big difference!

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His statement sparked some reactions from fans as they slid under his post and commented. Below are some comments.

alwaysssongo: The Catholic Churchs name is already in the mud with the alarming cases of pedophilia & child molestation. This is nothing to them

healthyself_natural: Unfortunately Fr Mbaka is very very small to bring down the Catholic Church, nothing om the surface of this earth and beneath can bring down the Church of God.. Nothing all.. So his actions are just to insignificant


shawamobi:Don’t you think the APC is trying to blackmail Mbaka for finally speaking up ?

pj_onyeka: I dont think defrocking him is a right campaign. When he said Buhari is a liberator. You need to ask yourself from what? Our eyes as nigerians has been opened by Buhari led government. Nigerians for the first time has known the fulani agenda. Yoruba nations has been liberated from lies of Godfatherism and the igbo’s now knows who their true leaders are. Without this Buhari government we wouldn’t have known that our governors doesn’t really care about us. Infact they are ready to offer us all as sacrifice just to please their Islamic masters. Who would have known that someone who came 4th in an election can be declared winner? All this episode has played out during this administration. And falsehood has been exposed mightily. Who would have known that school children who were on lockdown could still eat billions in school feeding. Or Nddc using billions of naira in transportation during national lockdown? We have seen what seems impossible during this APC led government. So sir Nigeria is wiser now. Though the liberation looks like cage but our eyes has opened. People are arrested for speaking. Those who were seen stuffing dollars inside their babariga are not considered corrupt. Our liberation looks tricky but I Believe for the first time we all spoke with one voice during endsars. We will soon get there