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Fantana Promised To Give Us A Song This Month And She Has Given Us Something Hot – Video



Singer Fantana promised to give us a song this month after missing in action for a while and today she has given us something hot which is all about her body.

Fantana recently opened her cooking shop and while interviewed about her musical career said she’s working on something that will be released this month and she just kept her promise by giving us ‘Touch Me’.

Taking a look at the snippet of the video, you can tell Fantana was mainly trying to show us her new figure which she acquired recently and the lyrics of the songs did go with how she was dancing and we believe fans will love her for the effort.

Some of us were expecting something too hot from her in terms of lyrics and not her body to bring back her musical career but guess this isn’t it as it appears she was mainly focused on dancing with her body and showing off her new figure.

video below;