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Ex-BoyFriend Somadina Adinma Finally Reacts To Regina Daniels Marriage To Ned Nwoko

According to him, people have been stopping him on the street, in the shopping mall, in cinemas, in supermarkets, everywhere, including on social media and asking him why did Regina Daniels left you, what will you do now that Regina Daniels has finally dumped him for the old billionaire.

According to the handsome Nollywood actor, the direct messages he got on Instagram from people was too much and he couldn’t bear it any longer. Out of anger Somadina Adinma posted on his official Instagram page warning people to stay clear of his personal life and mind their business. Somadina Adinma affirmed that it is nobody’s business if Regina Daniels chooses to marry whoever that pleases her and people should stop writing nonsense about him if they don’t have any prove of evidence to back up their opinions and writeups.


According to his post on Instagram, Somadina Adinma writes;

It is no news that self acclaimed teen Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels is now in a close relationship with 59 years old Senator Ned Nwoko as his sixth wife. Regina Daniels and her mother and siblings were again spotted on an event in Asaba dancing alongside with Ned Nwoko while Nigerian Afrobeat singer Harrysong trolled them with jams. Ned Nwoko was clearly seen in the video dancing with Regina Daniels and Regina Daniels out of excitement was dancing in a high spirit.

After the video appeared on social media, many people were optimistic about Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko relationship. Some people stated in the comments that all this whole drama of Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko could not be true, rather another means to gain worldwide popularity and fame. Some comments stated that the old billionaire Ned Nwoko could be Regina Daniels lost father. It is believed that Regina Daniels mother Rita Daniels divorced her husband long time ago when Regina Daniels was still very young and Destiny Daniels was still a baby, since then nobody have heard any news about her father.

Until when this viral news of Regina Daniels marriage to Ned Nwoko skyrocket the internet. Now many people are of the opinion that Ned Nwoko could be the lost father of Regina Daniels. However, this claim has not been verified.

Also, Nigerian Comedienne Helen Paul has accused women of hypocrisy as she reacts to the marriage of Regina Daniels and her 59 years old billionaire husband Ned Nwoko.

She shared:

“Hypocracy of the highest order, ladies are used to killing and condemning each other. Do you know what she has gone through? Do you know what pushed her and her family to go into such a marriage? There are people who get married at an older age and their husbands are using them as punching bag. Why are we quick to judge women? The woman did this, the woman did that, What about the men? Please let us leave issues that are sorted and focus on matters that truly need attention. Nigeria is so big. Plenty problems to be solved o… Everybody na sinner! Better matter no go trend o.”

However, controversial Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu has taken a swipe at Nigerian comedienne Helen Paul for showing her support to Regina Daniels marriage to Ned Nwoko.

Helen Paul while defending Regina Daniels marriage to the politician called other women hypocrites and criticizing them saying most people would have jumped at the opportunity if they had it.

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