Nigerian music producer, Solomon Oyeniyi simply known as K Solo has shared his thoughts on paternity fraud as the phenomenon has become prevalent nowadays.


K Solo lamented that the rate at which infidelity is becoming the order of the day in our society is a serious problem and in an interview, he had with Kemi Filani news, K Solo advised all men to go for DNA test before they proceed to their baby dedication.

According to him, this has nothing to do with trusting or not trusting the woman but precautions must be taken.

He said;

‘This is what the government needs to set up in the health sector. If anyone is interested in setting up hospitals, getting the right equipment to do DNA test should be one of the criteria for having a clinic in Nigeria or a hospital.
The rate at which this infidelity ‘wahala’ is going in our society, is becoming a serious problem. I heard of a man who has five children and has been in the US for 10 years hustling. However, because he wanted to take his family back to the US, the embassy requested for a DNA test and he found out that the children he thought were his, weren’t his.. I think, it is what should be done. For every man out there, even before going for baby dedication, you should have the DNA test on the table. For everyone, it is not about trusting your wife or not trusting your wife, you need the DNA.