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Entertainers, professionals are the reason poor people sell their votes – Seun Kuti



Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti has explained why poor people sell their votes during election.

He said their decision is influenced by entertainers and professionals who sell their talents to politicians for selfish gains.

Speaking during Afrobeats Podcast with Adesope Olajode, Seun said when the common man sees popular people collecting money to use their talent in favour of corrupt political leaders, it shapes their mindset.

According to the musician, it is sinister and hypocritical for civil servants, lawyers, journalists, bankers who show support or work for corrupt public officer holders to criticise voters that collect money to vote a particular candidate or party.

He said the poor see what people in the middle class do to get money from politicians and live lavish lifestyles, adding that they believe the only way they can also get their share is by selling their votes.

Watch him speak below: