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EndSARS: Black Lives Can Never Matter’- Dorcas Fapson



You would recall that on October 20, 2020, armed military officers opened fire on unarmed EndSARS protesters at the Lekki Tollgate who were calling for the disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad due to the incessant brutality by officials of the group on civilians.

Reacting to videos of civilians being harassed including reporters such as Arise TV who were attacked by some police officers whilst carrying out their journalistic work at what was supposed to be an EndSARS memorial, Dorcas Fapson said in a post on her Snapchat that Black lives can never matter in UK or USA until African politicians have some humanity.

Dorcas Fapson quizzed political leaders and government how they will treat their own people like this. A lot of social media users concurred with her submission and shared their thoughts on this issue.

Check out a few reactions below;

@roseberrydenis wrote; “The reason we Nigerians are suffering here in dubai no work for Nigerians, no employment visas for Nigerians,we are not working here Cause of our bad government”

@mseernikky wrote; “Nigerians be shouting black lives matters when something bad happens to a black American but we kill ourselves for fun every now and then . She’s right”

@donasbeautyempire; “Just how? I really wonder if we ever cross their minds. They are always all about us until they get to that position. What were you going to be in that position for? Why are you there?”

@tekenafresh wrote; “Other countries if a person goes missing you go to the police to report, in Nigeria if a person goes missing you go to the police to check.
I hate this place.”

@here4dmemes wrote; “WHERE IS THE LIE THERE? The truth they say is always BITTER 😢😢. If we can’t love ourselves, how can others love us? 💔💔”

@demotee wrote; “All this una comment no fit stop anything, let come together and form a group, and choose someone to represent us”