A father and his daughter sobbed during the wedding cerem ony of the latter in Nigeria.


In a video shared on social media,  the bride was seen dancing joyfully while being surrounded by bridesmaids when the father of the bride decided to join the daughter on the dance floor during the wedding ceremony.

The excited bride, unable to control her emotions, broke down into tears when she saw her father.

He appeared to have been moved by her tears of joy because he began crying as well, and the two of them got into an intense argument.

He poured cash on his daughter while sobbing. She shed tears at the gesture but tried to contain it to keep her makeup intact.

When the proud father’s tears finally became too much to contain, they were let out and she assisted in wiping them away with a handkerchief. The father and daughter sought to go on while being held together.

The guests began offering consolation to the elderly man as he was encircled by them. Then the roles were reversed, and the newlywed began showering her father with money.

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affordableshoes wrote; My dad cried at my wedding😂, now made me cry too. And he would be forming strong man😂😂 Our dads are lenient with us…. but our mothers handle us with iron fists. Bless him

misterpresido wrote; Baba dey reason many things oo.e no easy. Father and daughter love. Make D new hubby handle am gently ooo. Abeg oooo😂😂😂😂 Wahala for us wen nor come get papa talkless of dad 😫

bodynsoul wrote; Only God knows how that tears come, I promise myself not to cry but for where I cried o 😂 I wish my dad was alive to witness my day of joy🥰🥰🥰 God bless all responsible fathers

veronicasdaughter wrote; My Papa no cry. E dey busy dey shout make I come dey go….dem suffer for my hand, so e no want the boy to change mind😂😂😂😂😂