BBNaija show host Ebuka Obi Uchendu has talked about the one stup!d argument that he and his wife Cynthia can’t and will never stop having and we guess it cut across in most marriages.


Almost every married couple has this particular argument they have been having with each other that they can’t stop and will never stop but sounds stup!d to the ear if a third party is told and Ebuka and his wife Cynthia seems to have one.

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According to Ebuka, his wife Cynthia has 3 pairs of flip flops but apparently wears his because it’s sweeter to wear every time and that is the one argument they have been having and will never stop having until she stops wearing his.

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This story f Ebuka sounds stup!d to the ear but it is something most women do as apparently, their partner’s things are sweeter to use or eat even though they also have the exact thing and that’s what’s happening in the house of Ebuka.

This is something he will probably argue about with his wife for a very long time because it seems to have existed in the genes of women and it’s about time he overlooks it because there’s no way she’s going to stop doing that even if she doesn’t do it continuously.

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