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Ebooks! Get Most Helpful eBooks in Nigeria. Get the eBooks Now And Don’t Be Left Out

Welcome to the page for the best selling, most helpful eBooks in Nigeria. Get the eBooks now and be on the side of knowledge. Don’t be penny wise, pounds foolish. I have seen some who felt the eBook was expensive for N10,000 only to loose hundreds of thousands to ignorance. Buy now before I increase the price to N20,000.

How To Buy Any Of Our eBooks

Visit PALNESS MEDIA. 14 Universal Street Off Medical Stores Rd, Benin City. Make your payment in our office and get your eBook in your email Instantly.

Preferably you can save yourself the stress of coming to the office, just make the payment through cash deposit, online transfer, or cheque to any of the accounts? Just send us a message on WhatsApp :- +234 815 545 2304.

Once you make the payment, send me email to [[email protected]] or take your phone and send SMS to:- 08155452304 including

Your Full Name –
Your Email Address –

The moment we receive your SMS and confirm your payment online, the eBook will be delivered into your email box (in PDF format) within 10 minutes.

All the eBooks are in PDF and downloadable from your email inbox. You can read it on your computer/pad/phone or you print it out as a book.

eBook 1: Poultry Farming in Nigeria (Price: ₦10,000)

I wish to inform you all who have been waiting for our Brand New eBook on Poultry Farming in Nigeria that the eBook is now ready and contains everything you need to know to build a good poultry farm in Nigeria. It is the best eBook on Poultry farming in Nigeria and currently a “bestseller”.

In this eBook, you’ll discover:

Price: N10,000 Only

1. Types of poultry breeds that are most suitable for poultry farming.

2. Poultry house construction types and procedure according to your need.

3. Different kinds of poultry diseases, the causes, and the effective treatment and control.

4. Chicken Nutrition, Feeding formulas, and the types of chicken feeds that is most desirable to your birds.

5. Poultry farm equipment, Hatching and raising chicks, Hatching using brooding hens, Artificial hatching, etc…

The eBook contains so much more than I’ll be able to include here. Its fully loaded and worth every penny of your investment.

This poultry farming eBook is “a must have” eBook for every serious poultry farmer/investor in Nigeria who is serious about making profit in the business. In addition, it contain sample Business Plan.  

eBook 2: Snail Farming in Nigeria (Price: ₦9,500)

1. Snail Farming in Nigeria is relatively new. The earlier you start, the more wealth you create by making higher gains and establishing yourself in this sector of agriculture.

2. Snail Farming requires far less capital investment and at the same time generating much profit in a considerable short period of time.

3. Snail Farming has lower risks compared to other livestock farming, once you are able to setup your farm correctly using the techniques in this eBook, you

Price = N9,500 Only

wouldn’t have any much problems going forward.

4. The demand for snails in the market is higher than the supplies, such that the market potential is inexhaustible, locally and internationally.


5. Virtually every part of snail is of vital use: in food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and fishing industries. Nothing is a waste in Snail.

6. Snail farming in Nigeria requires small capital and the running cost is very low because the feeds are local and natural.

7. If you start up with N100,000 you can generate as much as five million Naira in one year at full capacity production.

8. Nigeria climate is one of the best for Snail breeding.

9. You can conveniently earn income a thousand fold higher than your present earning and still keep your present job. What I am saying is that you can do this on part time since it doesn’t require much time.

This eBook contains the complete practical guide to setting up a successful snail farm in Nigeria. 

eBook 3: Information Marketing (Price: ₦9,000)

Information Marketing is one of the surest business you can start with minimal capital and make very decent amount of money provided you do it well. This business is so dead simple that you can do it with your two eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back. If you really wants to start a profitable business straight away without going on your kneels begging for funding, go with INFORMATION PRODUCT BUSINESS.

Price = N9,000 Only

But what really is Information Marketing?

Let’s put it this way – Everyday, five hundred thousand people are looking for information through Google on the internet about how to lose weight, if you have useful information about how to lose weight and package it in eBook, DVD, Audio, or any other format. These five hundred thousand people will be willing and ready to buy it from you at all cost.

If you sell 1,000 copies at N2,000 each, you will make 1,000 x 2,000 = N2,000,000 and you can achieve this in no time. So the question is not whether there is money in information business, the real question should be “How to get into it and do it right”?

This eBook will guide you into the business and help you get it perfectly right.  

eBook 4: Domain Name Business (Price: ₦9,000)

Price = N9,000 Only

Domain name business is probably the most amazing business on the internet. Amazing in the sense that a single good domain name you acquired for just $10 could be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars without additional works.

Example: Naijaonpoint.com is curre THAN $10 when it was registered with no additional work ever done on itntly for sale and the asking price is $5million. This domain cost LESS. That’s the amazing beauty of domain business.

There are so many ways you can make money from domain business, such as: Domain Parking, Domain Flipping, and Domain Development. All you need to do is to master the art of domaining and you are good to go in this business.

This Domain Name golden eBook will do just that for you. You will learn every aspect of domain within days and start building your own domain portfolio and making money without looking back.

This eBook was last sold for N15,000 but we are giving it out here at the reduced cost.  

Ebook 5: Start, Run, & Grow Your Business (Price: ₦1,000)

Get this copy of e-book by expert business planner Tim Berry. This guide is full of tips and advice for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to take their company to the next level.

Any serious business that truly wants to go professional must have this eBook, it makes for a very good read with all the practicable tips, ideas, and advice you need to kickstart your business and grow it to the highest level.


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