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Drama as Nigerian mother nabs daughter twerking seductively for TikTok trend



A Nigerian lady’s participation in a TikTok trend for ladies was cut short when her mum walked in on her.

She was about to twerk in a collapsed position while a viral song was playing when her session got interrupted by her mother.

She immediately paused and turned back in fear as her mum asked what she was doing and she responded ‘nothing’.

The woman then asked her daughter if she was doing online prostitution but she denied engaging in such activities.

She explained to her mum that she was just doing a video for TikTok, but the woman was not convinced as she insisted that she must have been doing ‘as**wo’ online.

She then reached for an object and the young lady began to scream and plead in her defence, saying; ‘Mummy no be ashawo I dey do”.

Watch the video below:

obaksolo; Omoburuku mumsy don catch you😂😂😂😂😂

cupid_sapian; Mum ur daughter na as**wo. Beat her well.

paulplaydairo; When African mom ask you say Wetin you dey do and you answer “ NOTHING “ Na automatic invitation to further INVESTIGATION 😂

jojo.ane1; She catch am😂😂😂😂😂

_etila; Flog am well as**wo the enter her eyes 😂

alex.nichols77; Mummy na as**wo thing she Dey do…beat am

tenajglow; One of the Disadvantage of living under same roof with your parent😂😂💔you can’t do anything in peace in that house

____olajumokefunmi; Why u self go Dey do like as**wo wen mummy Dey house 😂😂😂😂

alysia_empire; Mummy flog her very well na the thing way she Dey do.

Meanwhile, CorrectNG earlier reported that an abroad-based Nigerian girl revealed the ‘punishment’ she was subjected to by her mum for her poor academic performance.

According to the young lady, her mother decided to send her back to Nigeria after she failed her examinations abroad.

She expressed excitement because she was made to believe that she is going back to Nigeria to spend holidays for two weeks.

Taking to her TikTok page, the student shared a video which showed when she was on a plane heading back to the motherland.

According to her, the trip was a blessing from her mum after she failed General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exams.

“Failed my GCSEs but my mum blessed me with a holiday to naij,” she wrote in the clip.