Nigerian singer Djinee has asked a very serious and sensitive question that needs to be answered by the children of politicians whether they talk to their dads.


Looking at how the ordinary citizen suffers and the children of politicians enjoy almost everything in life, singer Djinee has asked whether these children of politicians ever tell their parents that people are suffering at their expense?

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Djinee tweeted saying he knows his question might sound stupid to some people but then sometimes he wonders if the children of these politicians ever tell their dads something like ‘daddy you dey fvck up’ and we also wonder if they do?

He then replied himself saying he guess not because how would the fees of the University of Cambridge be paid if daddy doesn’t continue stealing and politicking at the expense of the ordinary citizen who works hard for a living.

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Djinee is absolutely right and this goes with the saying that whoever corruption favors sees nothing wrong with it therefore, for the children of these politicians to keep on living the lavish lifestyle, they dare not rebuke their parents.

The sad part of it all is some of these children grow up to be politicians like their parents and continue stealing and politicking for their kids at the expense of others and the circle moves on like that as life goes on.

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