Billionaire daughter DJ Cuppy has come to a conclusion on why she’s still single despite being beautiful and rich saying it’s because she’s s.exy and that might have scared the guys.


DJ Cuppy has been single for a while and even though some people think she just doesn’t want to let others into her love life, she keeps saying she’s single and today has concluded on the reason why she’s still single.

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According to her, she thinks she’s still single because she’s s.exy and that might be the reason why guys aren’t approaching or toasting her but we think she should have a handful of men trying to date her because she’s s.exy and most men love women like that.

Cuppy also shared a video to show how s.exy she is and we think she’s got the vibe to always make herself happy and not depend on anyone for her happiness as seen her dance happily in the video will just make you fall in love with her.

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Looking at how busy Cuppy is trying to build her career, we aren’t sure if she’s interested in dating any guy at this particular moment in her life and that could be the reason why she got herself Dudu and Fufu to be keeping her company while in the house.

Cuppy is a lovely and cheerful young lady who every guy would love to date but claiming she being s.exy is the reason why she’s still single is just a little overboard because most men love s.exy hardworking independent ladies and that is who she is.

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