Korra Obidi who has been entertaining her fans on social media with videos of her dancing took to her Instagram page and officially announced to her followers that she is 9 weeks pregnant and according to her, the unborn baby is male.

She posted a video of her showing off her growing baby bump whilst having fun with her husband and daughter and wrote;

Shakara don start part 2 😂

Team Baby boy, start firing prayers now o 😂

Team baby girl. We are Vhere. Amen

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Nigerians have reacted to her announcement on Instagram, see a few comments below;

She met n married a guy who loves her for her, regardless…is there anything more beautiful?


That belle fit be like 7mths o. My tummy after eating two fufu and okro soup is wayyyyy bigger🤦🏾‍♀️


Congratulations to her. For my sanity, let me go and unfollow her until she gives birth. Cos all those stunts she pulls while pregnant…. Make I no go get hypertension on top another person belle.


It’s beautiful to meet a man who totally understands u and accepts u the way you are . She seems really happy . Congrats on ur second baby .


Happy for her. It’s such a blessing to live the kind of life you want and be happy. (Or seemingly so)