Pastor Sam Adeyemi’s remark aimed at those who condemn Christians for enjoying Christmas has gotten Daddy Freeze’s attention.

The senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi had written: “The countries from where they brought Christianity to Nigeria celebrated Christmas with uninterrupted power supply. Some of us were quarrelling over whether eating Christmas chicken will make us go to heaven or not. Sense will ‘fall on us’ one day. I pray it won’t be long.”


Adeyemi’s post has been circulating since December 2019, but Freeze, who has stated numerous times that Christmas is not biblical, has only recently responded.

He reminded Adeyemi that Christianity came from Israel, and that “Christmas wasn’t even a public holiday, let alone a celebration” in Israel.

He went on to say that England, which is credited with bringing Christianity to the United States, is “quickly becoming one of the least religious countries on the planet.”

In other news, a Nigerian journalist has championed Shatta Wale’s claims that the Ghanaian music industry has refused less support from Nigerians but the Nigerian music industry has gained a lot from Ghanaian musicians and other countries.

A few days ago, Shatta Wale used his #FreedomWave performance to slam Nigerians, claiming that he doesn’t need a Nigerian singer to sell out or make a show a success. He also lambasted the Nigerian music industry over their refusal to support the Ghanaian music industry as they received from Ghanaians.

Shatta Wale went on to criticize the Ghanaian music industry for claiming that he would be unable to sell out his own performance. Shatta Wale went nuts and slammed the Ghanaian music industry with some heinous comments.

A Nigerian musician has asserted that Shatta Wale’s claims were accurate on the account that the Ghanaian music industry has gained less from Nigerian musicians but the latter has gained a lot of support from Ghanaians.

According to him, there hasn’t been any day a Nigerian musician has called on a Ghanaian musician to co-headline their shows, yet Ghanaians have always shown love and support to Nigerian music.

He asserted that Nigerian musicians need to do more for Ghanaian musicians in terms of support and love just as they’ve received from them and other countries over the years.

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