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Confused Biden Heads to Cambodia, Thinks He’s in Colombia



New in PJ Media:

Old Joe Biden first said it on the South Lawn on Thursday, right after he said: “Look, I don’t think the conflict will be resolved with Russia and Ukraine until Ukraine gets out of —” Whoops! “Until Putin gets out of Ukraine.” He followed that one with yet another: “Anyway, you guys, I’m heading down to — first of all, going to Cairo for the — for the environmental effort, then heading over to Colombia and then — I mean, Cambodia. I was thinking — I’m thinking the Western Hemisphere.”

Yeah, that explains it. Except in Phnom Penh on Saturday, Old Joe did it again: “And I want to thank the Prime Minister of — for Colombia’s leadership in the ASEAN — as ASEAN chair and for hosting all of us.” Does the ostensible president of the United States have any idea where he is at any given time?

Now, you might think that the old man should be cut some slack on this one since both countries start and end with the same letters and have the same number of syllables. But it’s embarrassing enough in itself that we have to resort to rationalizations of this kind so very frequently in order to cover for the statements of the man who is supposed to be president of the United States. After all, the dementia-ridden Chief Executive makes errors like this all the time with a frequency that has made them commonplace and largely not even worth mentioning. The Washington Free Beacon reported Friday that “This week, for example, the sludge-brained commander in chief touted his efforts to ‘quote: help turbocharge’ the ‘clean enerny’ economy, and slammed critics who accused him of being ‘apalapakehpakapakacapa.’”

So why is he still the Chief Executive at all? It was widely expected that after the shellacking the Democrats were expected to get in the midterms, Biden’s handlers would finally pack him off to his walled Delaware beach house and hand the keys to the Oval Office over to Kamala Harris, so as to situate the Cackler as a smooth, experienced president ready in 2024 for a term of her own. But the red wave dissipated into a ripple at best, and Old Joe is buoyant, crowing that he was going to maintain the disastrous America-Last policies of the first two years of his administration: “I’m not going to change anything in any fundamental way.”

After the Democrats did so unexpectedly well in the midterms, it will be much harder for the people who are running this administration to put Old Joe out to pasture. But he reminded us all Wednesday that he is still not the man in charge, saying at one of his show press conferences: “Now, I’ve been given a list of 10 people that I’m supposed to call on.”

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