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Comment on Meet All Big Brother Naija Season 7 Housemates (NAMES, PICTURES) by Kalu prosper



Names and photos of the BBNaija Season 7 housemates that will appear in the Big Brother Naija Live show in 2022 with the theme Level Up have been gathered.

The seventh season of Big Brother Naija got off to a great start with presenter Ebuka bringing his A-game. The addition of a live audience is one distinctive feature of tonight’s performance. “Level Up” serves as the season’s slogan.

The inaugural show tonight got underway with a musical performance by Asake. The eagerly anticipated Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemates were then revealed. The show’s current season’s roommates are listed below;

Amaka Crystal Mbah happens to be the newest housemate in the 2022 edition of the Big Brother Naija reality show. The 23-year-old health care personality hails from Anambra State, a community named Aguatu.

Amaka Mbah was born to Mr and Mrs. Mbah Ikechukwu and has two other siblings. Her net worth is estimated to be about $12,000 equivalent to N7,200,000,000 as of 2022.

She is not married yet but is currently in a relationship and has no children. Chiamaka loves generous men and lives by the motto; ‘Grab the bull by the horns and forge ahead’, which has helped her navigate the highs and lows life throws her way.

Beauty happens to be one of the 12 female housemates on the 2022 Big Brother Naija Live show with the theme ‘Level Up’.

The 24-year-old who happens to be a lawyer hails from Taraba State in North Eastern Nigeria. As the last born of four siblings, Beauty enjoys the love, constant guidance and support it comes with.

Beauty has done an awesome job of living up to her name as she also holds the ‘Most Beautiful Girl Taraba’ title from 2015 to 2017. She also won Miss Nigeria 2019, becoming the 43rd beauty to win the pageant.

Born Brian Chkuwuebuka Chiji, Bryann is a singer and songwriter.

According to him, his best musical influences are Wande Coal, Vybz Cartel, and Angelique Kidjo. Aged 24, Bryann hails from Imo State and he started releasing songs in the year 2019, however, it was until 2021 that he finally put out a full-length project.

In his view, he is very down-to-earth and sometimes reserved, but he also really enjoys meeting new people, partying, and watching movies.

He hopes Big Brother Naija will give him the platform to interact with people, raise his social currency and also create awareness about his music.

Christy O is one of the housemates for this season’s Big Brother Naija reality show. Christy O is part of the first set of housemates who were introduced on Friday.

Christy O is a beauty entrepreneur who runs a cosmetics business. Christy O is a 24-year-old who also models in her free time and believes in giving people second chances.

She describes herself as a “funny, smart and hardworking extrovert” and admits you are more than likely to find her “where the fun is” on any given day. When she’s not hiking or enjoying a picnic with her close friends, Christy O makes time to write poems.

Big Brother Naija 2022 housemate, Cyph, an Imo State native who loves art, movies, and music, attended Madonna University to study electrical engineering.

Cyph acknowledges that he can be rather enigmatic and enjoys eating, travel, fashion, and cruises.

Cyph lives by the adage, “You only live once,” and Cyph makes sure to keep this in mind whenever he disagrees with family members by working things out right away.

The 27-year-old is the first to acknowledge that while he enjoys being joyful, he has a tendency to cry when he is incredibly furious.

Daniella Utangbe Peters, a 22-year-old Spoken Word Artist, Actress & Content Creator from Cross Rivers State was unveiled as one of the BBNaija Level-up housemates.

Daniella is from a family of 8 as she has a twin brother, five older brothers, and a younger sister, making her family a big one. Daniella has an estimated net worth of $50,000 which she is said to have made from her career as a spoken word artist, actress & content creator.

The first BBNaija housemate for 2022 is Groovy. Groovy, also known as Henry Olisamekarakway, was the newest resident of the reality program.

Artist, model, and businessman Groovy enters the house with the hope of winning the grand prize.

Groovy promises viewers that he will be hilarious and entertaining at home. He won’t start conflicts and disregard the rules. He thinks that because he will be forthright, his housemates won’t like him.

Ilebaye Odiniya is a new contestant in the annual Big Brother Naija reality show. The Kogi lady hails from the middle belt of the federal republic of Nigeria.

The 21-year-old adventurous lady happened to be the second female of the seventh edition of the annual Big Brother Naija reality show after beauty.

She holds a degree for criminology and security studies. She loves swimming, partying, bowling and shopping, and considers herself a controversial, adventurous go-getter. 

Kess is one of the male housemates on the 2022 Big Brother Naija Live show with the theme ‘Level Up’.

Kess is a married 28-year-old businessman who enjoys living life to the fullest. He describes himself as a showstopping, jaw-dropping human being and takes pride in his talents.

“I can do almost anything. I can sing, but not on Wande Coal’s level, sha. I dey dance small. I sabi act small. I have never pursued any of this seriously because man need to survive first,” he says.

Khalid is 22 years old of age and he is a freelancer who specializes in Graphic Designing and also he is a muralist.

His real name is Ismail Rukuba Ahalu and he is also someone who really enjoys archery, skateboarding, basketball, watching anime, and also has a keen interest in mythology.

He is an indigene of the renowned Plateau State and he loves to try new things and considers himself charismatic.

When it comes to relationships, he is someone who doesn’t like to beat around the bush, and his idea of fun is hanging out with the right people, having meaningful conversations, and engaging in extreme sports.

Pharmsavi is a licensed pharmacist, and also a confident multitalented extrovert with “an amazing sense of humour”.

According to him, he is passionate about life and acting in particular, and would like to pursue the craft as a profession in the near future.

Pharmsavi enjoys travelling, dancing and playing video games, and has a large network of friends, courtesy of his boisterous, friendly personality. He dislikes hypocrisy and deceit and considers himself emotional and competitive. He loves graphic design and when he has time, you will find Pharmsavi playing table tennis.

Big Brother Naija 2022 ‘Level Up’ housemate, Ijeoma Josephina Otabor simply known as Ijeoma describes herself as “allergic to malice”.

Phyna is short-tempered and can fight with a person one minute, then talk to them the next, like nothing happened.

She is single and believes she is a born entertainer. “My view on relationships is: Na mumu dey fall in love”.

His real name is Adekunle Tobilola Olopade and he is a 27-year-old digital marketing consultant who is from Lagos.

He is a self-actualized introvert and likes to take pride in being a giver that solves other people’s problems.

He is mostly dreaming of creating a better life for himself as well as looking for other ways to make life better for others. There are times that he will not be dreaming and according to him, he likes to play games on his phone or watch his favorite show, Family Guy, on YouTube.

Allysyn is one of the housemates for this year’s Big Brother Naija 2022 season 7 and has described herself as “a creative goofball who enjoys experiencing people’.

Allysyn was amongst the second group of housemates who arrived yesterday evening. This year’s Big Brother Naija has taken a twist as the housemates shared two separate houses.

Allysyn born, Osy Allysyn Audu is a 25-year-old lady, a businesswoman, and hails from State, Nigeria.

Bella, a 25-year-old UNILAG alumna and content developer, is vibrant and vivacious. Chidimma Esther Okagbue, better known by her stage name Bella, enjoys exploring new places and meeting new people.

Because she enjoys winning, she describes herself as “a no-nonsense person who gets pissed off fast” and competitive.

Bella acknowledges that because she doesn’t get on well with girls, the majority of her friends are men.

Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor, Chichi is a 22yrs old stripper cum chef who hails from Edo State but was born and bred in Anambra State.

Chichi introducing herself to the other housemates and the world said she’s a stripper who hates judgemental people and hence is on the show to show the world that there’s more to being a stripper than meeting the eyes and the perception most of us have about them is not always true.

Chichi is estimated to be worth $10,000 which we believe she got from her job as a chef and a stripper. Speaking about herself, she said she’s someone who loves swimming, dancing and travelling, and considers herself “an unshakeably ambitious goal-getter.

Chomzy was revealed in the second set of housemates on the second day which was aired on 24th July, 2022.

Chomzy stated in her profile video that BBNaija fanatics should be ready to witness what she has got under her sleeves, her talents, her dancing.

According to Chomzy, she got her heart broken and has been hiding it from her friends. She is a big fan of alcohol.

The fifth housemate from Imo state added that she can’t stand people who feel superior or have more advantages over others.

Diana Isoken Edobor is a 33-year-old and a new housemate of the Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ reality show.

Diana was born in France but now calls Abuja her home. She also happens to be a project manager from Edo State. She is outgoing, family-focused, driven to grow personally, and fascinated by other cultures.

She revealed that she is singe but values friendship and would like to be treated the way she would treat others with respect, love and loyalty.

Officially known as Oladotun Mofiyinfoluwa Oloniyo, Dotun happens to be one of the 12 male housemates on this year’s BBNaija reality show.

The 26-year-old works in an hospital as a medical physiologist and moonlights as a personal trainer on his days off. Dotun when not working out or saving lives loves to watch movies, cooking or gardening.

The readily engaging and competitive socialite describes himself as fun, good looking and spontaneous. Dotun describes himself as someone who never backs down from a challenge.

Doyin is one of the 12 female housemates on this season’s BBNaija reality show.

She is 26 years of age and in her view, her personality is a mix of the former first lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, and renowned music superstar, Cardi B.

According to her, she is someone who is not afraid to bring out either, depending on the scenario adding that she comes with a box of surprises, and you will never know what you’ll get.

She is a professional medical radiographer and during her leisure period, she likes to party and read. She seems to come as a tough cookie, however, she actually is very soft on the inside.