Comedian Funnybone has given solutions to the numerous crimes in Nigeria by tackling the root cause which is the police force asking the government to take care of them.


Almost every Nigerian complains about the attitude of the police and Funnybone has laid down a few things that if taken care of will go a long way to reduce the numerous crimes going on in the country and the attitude of the police as well.

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According to Funnybone, the condition of a police officer isn’t encouraging for him to give his all in protecting lives and properties hence he would rather do what will give him more money to take care of his expenses.

Adding that graduates roaming about looking for jobs don’t see the police force as a job worth applying for because of the bad living condition of a police officer hence until things are taken care of and graduates apply, it might never get better.

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Funnybone then compared the living conditions of a police officer and other security personnel asking whether they expect a police officer whose environment is appalling and salary is nothing good to write home about to come out and protect lives and properties.

Though some people disagreed with him on some things, one thing is for sure and that is if the police are taken care of exactly like the military, customs, and others, there will be more graduates and they will work energetically to eradicate crimes in the country.

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