Nigerian author, lawyer, and human rights activist, Reno Omokri has asked people to stop describing their co-workers as their friends, neither as their enemies.



According to him, a colleague at work can not be friends because they only accepted the job to work in the firm because they like money and not because they like being around people.

It is very usual for colleagues at workplaces to develop good friendships while working to project their firm. Many believe that being friends with their colleagues at work builds trust and promotes positivity at their workplaces but according to Reno Omokri, such thoughts should never be nurtured by people.

He intimated that people are only working because they like money, hence if there is the need to betray anyone to gain money, one would not hesitate to do so.

Taking to his Twitter, he wrote; Coworkers are not your friends. That doesn’t mean they are your enemies. They are just not your friends. They did not come to that office because they like you. They came because they like money. If they can get money by betraying you, they may do it. Focus on work

See his tweet below: