Archbishop Musa Panti Filibus, the spiritual head of the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (LCCN), has sent a greeting to Christians as they celebrate Christmas, stating that times are tough but people should assist one another to endure.


The renowned cleric implored Christian faithfuls to make the celebration a memorable one in the eye of the less privileged.

The archbishop said in a statement released on Friday: “As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace, may peace dwell in our homes and our societies,”

“Times are indeed hard and we all bear witness to the challenges that the world is currently faced with. But it is precisely because of this that we must look after the well-being of one another.

“There is no better time to show our love for our neighbours than now that times are hard, now that families are facing hunger, now that we are facing security threats, economic instability and diseases compounded by the continued mutation of the coronavirus.

“It is now that we must look after one another in love. It is now we must pray together to God for a better future. My call to you this Christmas is that you reach out to one another in love.”