Pastor Toyinbo Tojuoluwa has shared her thoughts on the act of kissing in Nollywood movies as thinks Christians must not condone kissing in movies.


In a series of posts on his Instagram story, Pastor Toyinbo pointed to the fact that Nigerian culture still has its place whilst admitting that some things don’t need to evolve as not everything in culture is bad.

Part of her post reads;

“I guess some people would also be like so how then do we make romantic movies? For here and now, all I can say is that if we hadn’t been desensitized or trained to this point, we wouldn’t have an issue with less sexually incline scenes.

I may not have a full perspective, but I think I do have a point- especially for married and Christian folks.”

See screenshots below;

Reacting to this one @chinyere wrote; “Why are you busy watching non Christian movies then? Watch and make your type of movies if its that serious. You gave an opinion with no biblical backing. Then don’t watch movies. Draw stick figures and move them smh”

onismamte wrote “I get her point, things are changing, the world is changing and many don’t see kissing in movies as big deal since it’s just “acting”. In some cultures in few African countries, they do mouth to mouth kisses with their siblings and relatives. It’s a form of greeting and they don’t see it as anything. Personally I see it as a professional role being played like “make-believe”. It doesn’t portray the actor’s reality.”