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Chechnya’s Kadyrov on Russia’s war in Ukraine: ‘This is a great jihad everyone should take part in’



He doesn’t seem to have explained how the war could possibly be a jihad, but with this appeal he will likely get some volunteers anyway.

“Kadyrov Calls for Russian ‘Jihad’ Across All of Ukraine,” Moscow Times, October 26, 2022:

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov continued his anti-Ukrainian tirade late Tuesday with territorial claims beyond captured regions in what he characterized as Russia’s “jihad” against pro-Western Ukraine.

“Our territory is not Zaporizhzhia, not Kherson. Our territory is Odesa, Kiyv, Kharkiv. Every region and Ukraine as a whole is our Russian territory,” Kadyrov said in a video message on the Telegram messaging app….

“We have volunteers who will go to the end and we’ve decided not to defend but go on the offensive,” Kadyrov told his 3 million subscribers….

“I give you my word: we’ll attack them every day. We won’t take these shaitans [evil spirits in Islam] prisoner. We’ll burn them. We won’t stop anywhere,” Kadyrov said….

“I’m deeply dissatisfied with today’s situation, but people who command at the top understand more than I do,” Kadyrov said….

“This is a great jihad everyone should take part in,” he said….