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Chautauqua Institute beefs up security after Rushdie attack while ignoring its causes



This is all just theater. Chautauqua needn’t have added any new security, because none of its other speakers are targeted by jihadis. Meanwhile, Chautauqua organizers would rather be boiled in oil than feature a speaker who honestly identified why exactly Rushdie was attacked, and explained the full implications of the attack.

“New security measures in place after attack on Salman Rushdie,” by Emily Putnam, News10NBC, August 16, 2022:

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC / AP) — At the Chautauqua Institute, new security measures are in place following the knife attack against author Salmon [sic] Rushdie on August 12.

Some of the people who witnessed the attack were surprised by what appeared to be a lack of security at the Chautauqua Institute, especially considering that Salman Rushdie has faced backlash and death threats. Those started after he published his most famous work, the satanic verses in 1988.

Chautauqua administrators have spent the days since the attack talking with law enforcement and security experts about how to improve safety.

The venue made some changes, which went into effect this week. First, if you plan to visit or attend an event there, you will now have to show a photo ID regardless of the event. You’ll want to leave your bags in the car because there is now a no bag policy at the amphitheater and all indoor performance venues.

The heightened security is already noticeable on the grounds. On Monday, there was an event there. A member of the January 6th committee was speaking and there was a clear increase in police presence, including a sheriff’s deputy with a K-9, sniffing the bushes outside of the auditorium….