Nigerian entertainer, Charly Boy has donated an amount of N500,000 to support a female Keke rider, Amarachi who went viral after she was seen riding her Keke.


Charly Boy upon seeing the video promised to sponsor the lady as he revealed that the lady is very attractive to be a runs girl but she has decided to be a keke driver to make ends meet. He lauded the lady for her resilience to work hard and not depend on men.

Charly Boy made the presentation of the money to Amarachi at the Realm of Glory Church, Lagos and he took the opportunity to advise other young people who had no found employment after University to try and see other areas they can make money.

Charly Boy said: “to end the continuous suffering as a result of bad leadership, we must in our own little way support one another and unite against the forces of oppression by our political leaders.

“In a toxic environment as ours, we need to support one another. If you noticed, despite the political affiliations of these political leaders, they are united against us and they consciously continue to play the game to suppress, oppress and impoverish us.”

“If we must stand against them, then we must be united whether you are Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba or Fulani. And like I will always say, the survival of this nation lies in the hands of its exceptional youths. And Amarachi has displayed the quality I would always love to support. We are encouraging other Nigerians to build relationship and families across various divides,”