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Canada’s Diversity Minister knew about Muslim ‘anti-racism’ consultant calling Jews ‘loudmouthed bags of feces’



Canada’s Diversity Minister Ahmed Hussen wasn’t just warned about obscenely antisemitic tweets from a Muslim “anti-racism” consultant that the Trudeau government paid for services; now it emerges that Hussen knew about the tweets a full month before the controversy erupted, yet he chose not to cut funding.

Had the hateful tweets been exactly the same, but instead directed toward the the Muslim community, one can imagine quite a different response from Hussen, given the Trudeau government’s zero tolerance policy on “Islamophobia,” even to the point of disallowing any legitimate criticism of Islam.

The same Heritage Department that fired me as a Governor in Council Appointee for criticizing Islamic supremacism, the sanctioned abuse of infidels, jihad, and the ill treatment of women, was quite tolerant of a virulent antisemite who tweeted this:

Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman, who is Jewish, “demanded to know how exactly the government could have missed something so blatant. She pointed out in April, when the grant was initially awarded a press release had quoted Hussen as being proud to hand out the funding.”

The Conservative party of Canada has published this on its website:

“Today it was confirmed that the Minister of Diversity and Inclusion was made aware that the Community Media Action Centre (CMAC), which is comprised of Laith Marouf and his spouse, had a very long and public history of making hateful and anti-semitic comments toward the Jewish community almost a month before taking action and terminating their funding, only doing so once news came out in the media.

“This comes from the same government whose Prime Minister has worn racist costumes more times than he can remember. Who tossed women in his caucus aside on a whim when they dared to speak up and now we know, sat on this information and did nothing for almost a month.

Read the full statement HERE.

No matter what reasons Hussen gives for a full month of ignoring the shocking tweets, it’s obvious that they warranted immediate attention.

“MP Ahmed Hussen tells Parliament he knew about Laith Marouf contract for a month before speaking out,” by Ryan Tumilty, National Post, October 7, 2022:

OTTAWA – Diversity and Inclusion Minister Ahmed Hussen admitted to MPs he was alerted to the antisemitic tweets of a consultant hired by the government for anti-racism training a month before he first spoke out on the issue.

Earlier this year, Hussen’s department gave a $133,000 grant to the Community Media Advocacy Centre (CMAC) to build an anti-racism strategy for the broadcasting sector. On Twitter, Laith Marouf, a senior consultant with CMAC, has referred to “Jewish White Supremacists,” as “loud mouthed bags of human feces.” He also used anti Francophone slurs and called French an “ugly language”

Hussen said he was alerted to the issue by fellow Liberal MP Anthony Housefather on July 20. But he did not speak out about the issue when the media reported on it a month later, saying his department would do a full review of the funding, before ultimately suspending all funding and demanding CMAC return the $133,000 it received. He also announced a broader review of antisemitism funding.

Hussen told committee members there was no excuse for Marouf’s organization having received funding and it was unacceptable.

“The incident reflects the failure in the system and is a slap in the face of the Jewish community, the Francophone community and many other groups that he has continuously attacked with his hateful comments and for that, I sincerely apologize.”

Hussen said he used the month between finding out about the comments and speaking out about them to consult with departmental officials about the government’s legal options for withdrawing the money. He said in addition to reviewing all other funding his department provides for anti-racism, contracts have been rewritten to make it easier for a minister to remove funding.

He said he wished it was done more quickly, but it had to follow a process.

“Do I wish that we’ve been able to move the process along more quickly? Absolutely, but it was also important that we got this right to ensure accountability for this organization.”

Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman demanded to know how exactly the government could have missed something so blatant. She pointed out in April, when the grant was initially awarded a press release had quoted Hussen as being proud to hand out the funding.

“Did no one Google Mr. Marouf? His wife? The organization, and I want to know from the minister what he was ostensibly proud of,” Lantsman asked. “Did nobody Google anybody in the release?”…