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Canada: Media silence about black perpetrator’s gun rampage that left policeman, Muslim dead, three injured



The mainstream media has downplayed the specifics of an important case in Canada: the gun rampage of Sean Petrie in three cities, in a three-hour window of terror. Police notified the public at the time that an active shooter was on the loose. Since then, however, the media has been markedly close-mouthed about the incident.

The media and politicians make violent encounters involving a black person out to be racism whenever the narrative suits the woke agenda; specifically, if it’s a white perpetrator and a black victim. But Petrie is black. First, Petrie shot and killed a Toronto police officer at close range, in what police described as an unprovoked “ambush.” The murder happened at a Tim Horton’s restaurant in Mississauga, near Toronto, where Petrie waited to kill a cop. The funeral of his victim, 22-year veteran Constable Andrew Hong, was on Thursday. Joe Warmington reported in the Toronto Sun: “This man was killed because he was a police officer…because he was wearing that uniform.”

Petrie, who has a long criminal record, including the illegal possession of guns, also shot two other people in Mississauga. One was left with “life-altering injuries.” His shooting rampage didn’t stop there. Petrie then went to Milton, and continued his shooting spree at MK Auto Body Repairs, where he once worked. He shot two more people there, leaving one in critical condition, the other in serious condition, and he killed another man. Toronto Police, Islamic Relief Canada, and the Muslim Advisory Council of Canada identified the murder victim as Shakeel Ashraf.

Sean Petrie finally went to Hamilton, where he was shot dead by police at a historic graveyard.

The media scarcely mentioned Petrie’s name, despite the extent of his horrifying and destructive rampage. His murder victims were an Asian policeman and a Muslim. No cries of “Islamophobia” were heard from any groups or politicians. There were likewise no claims of anti-Asian hatred, and, of course, not a word about his evident hostility toward police.

There was nary a peep out of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, either. Yet Trudeau is notorious for pushing his gun bans in the midst of gun violence. Petrie’s case, however, doesn’t fit the woke narrative and especially not the anti-police Black Lives Matter (BLM) narrative. BLM is active in Canada and well supported by Trudeau, who defended his decision to attend a BLM protest (where he took a knee) in 2020 despite his own advice about avoiding crowds and his infamously strict Covid mandates.

Some BLM history: Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, who admitted to being a “trained Marxist,” “paid her baby father $970,000 for ‘creative services’, her brother $840,000 for security, a fellow director $2.1m and reimbursed the organization $73,000 for a charter flight.” The national Black Lives Matter group also granted $8 million to BLM Canada to purchase a $6.3 million-dollar mansion, according to the Washington Examiner. “Cullors’ spouse, Janaya Khan, served on the board of BLM Canada when the transfer was made.” When Candace Owens confronted Cullors at her home about her lavish spending, all she could come up with was to smear right-wingers as “dangerous,” and lambaste Owens for being a black woman perpetuating a “white agenda.”

Black Lives Matter exploited the gullible as it rampaged, destroyed, injured people and lined its pockets, while doing nothing for blacks except causing extreme embarrassment by lowering the bar of expectations for them and spreading the message to hate and defund police. The media fueled the Black Lives Matter frenzy, treating it as justified because of historic white sins. Never mind the fact that history is littered with incidents of the oppression by one group of another. That doesn’t justify any evil, but it provides important perspective. Also, Muslim Arabs still hold blacks as slaves to this day. Intergroup colorism is alive and well today, but the woke in Western societies don’t confront it. BLM et al want whites to suffer and the police to suffer, with the police made out to be a racist institution, as law and order are eroded from within. Years ago, the Washington Post published an article: Don’t criticize Black Lives Matter for provoking violence. The civil rights movement did, too. Its author, Simone Sebastian, who is a black female, is (like so many) perpetually living in the civil rights era, a time where she wouldn’t herself have had a voice, let alone be able to spread her divisive fallacies in a public forum. Sebastian, like her Leftist cohorts, dismisses the evolution of American society, and of other Western societies.

The rage within blacks in the modern era is scarcely explored, except when the Big Lie is advanced, that white oppression is responsible for black rage. This kind of indoctrination justifies black violence; it will never be known what part it may have played in the mind of Sean Petrie, because such a topic isn’t open for discussion in cancel culture. The talking point is that whatever is wrong in the black community is the fault of whites.

Larry Elder recently gave insight into the woke agenda for blacks. He stated:

Black Americans benefited “a strong belief in the values of America” following the American Civil War, including high rates of marriage and commensurate low rates of divorce, entrepreneurship, Christian faith, and patriotism. The Black Lives Matter operation, he added, amounts to “a very assault on what made black people survive and thrive after slavery.” Elder warned that high rates of single-parenthood among blacks in recent decades relative to earlier American history is predictive of a broader national trend of increasing familial collapse. “Women have been incentivized to marry the government, and men have been incentivized to abandon their financial and moral responsibility, and that’s not just affecting the black community…” 

The Black Lives Matter website declared that its mission is to “disrupt” the “nuclear family structure,” but then removed that statement. Elder continues:

“It is a filthy disgusting lie that America is systemically racist and the police are engaging in systemic racism,” he held. “Just the other day, there were three Arkansas cops beating the stuffings out of a white suspect. It was a one-day story. Nobody cared. They kneeled on him. They pounded him. We’re talking about three people beating the crap out of this guy, and it was a one-day story. Nobody cared. Why? Because the suspect was the wrong race. Had he been a black guy, we’d know his name. The cops would be flashed all over the newspaper. They’d be prosecuted.”

In the case of black perpetrator Sean Petrie, he shot an Asian policeman point blank, and then shot a Muslim at his former place of employment. “Nobody cared.” Of course, they cared about the victims, but they didn’t care about the sociopolitical dynamics of the perpetrator. Why? It doesn’t fit the woke narrative, nor the brazen agenda in Canada to target “white nationalism,” an agenda that is funded by the Trudeau government. Recall also that in July 2021, when 19-year-old Nathaniel Veltman ran over and killed a Muslim family in London, Ontario, Veltman did not belong to any organized group, according to police. His case had not yet gone through the courts, and his motive was not yet established with any evidence, yet his case was so highly politicized that Canadian MPs soon afterward voted unanimously to hold an “emergency summit on Islamophobia.” In case you’re wondering what happened in that case, pretrial motions were reported on September 12 to be underway against Veltman, with a total ban on publication placed on evidence heard during the proceedings. In September 2021, only two months after Veltman’s arrest, Umar Zameer “intentionally” and “deliberately” ran over Constable Jeffrey Northrup and killed him, according to Toronto Police Chief James Ramer. His case — if publicized — possibly threatened to undermine the emergency summit on “Islamophobia.” So a ban was also imposed on publication of details of the Umar Zameer case, just as in Veltman’s.

Whatever it is that is going on in Canada does not pass the smell test. The rights of special interest groups are prioritized above those of Canadian citizens. They’re even meddling with the freedom of the press.

Special interest lobbies such as BLM are not working to foster unity between diverse groups and respect for the rule of law. Nor are they working for the advancement of blacks through education and hard work. Instead, they encourage disunity and chaos by labeling whites the unforgivable perpetrator and blacks the perpetual victims. Sean Petrie’s rampage was worthy of the same level of scrutiny from the establishment and media that it would assuredly have received if Petrie had been white, but such discourse and dialogue is palpably missing. The silence is deafening.


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