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Canada: India warns its nationals to ‘remain vigilant’ over sharp increase in Khalistani hate crimes



Divisions and scandals have never been worse in Canada than they are under woke Justin Trudeau. A few examples: Trudeau’s labeling of freedom advocates as a “fringe minority,” his attack on Canada’s freedoms, his avoidance of scandalous news such as reports about Canada’s involvement in smuggling teens into ISIS territory, a secret visa program that opens the door to terrorists and war criminals, and an expensive and unnecessary “Islamophobia” Summit insinuating that Canada has an “Islamophobia” problem (while a major Muslim “hate conference” was put on this past summer that featured “hateful” and “obscene ideas,” and was ignored except by the National Post).

Now warnings to Indian nationals are coming from India about Khalistani “terrorists.” India’s Minister of External affairs spokesman Arindam Bagchi “said India had conveyed its concerns to Canada about the use of its territory by politically motivated extremist elements.” It isn’t the first time that India has expressed concern about these “extremist elements” from the Khalistani movement. Here’s an excerpt from a 2018 report in Jihad Watch:

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is now making quite the impression in India — and globally — as he continues to parrot his commitment to “diversity.” To his detriment, it never seems to occur to him that diversity, like any other concept, needs to be scrutinized and tested. To Trudeau, diversity has no definable boundaries, and to this end, he has been making merry with Islamic supremacists, jihadists and even terrorist Sikh separatists. The latter is getting Trudeau into hot water in India, starting with a humiliating snub by the Indian government: nowhere was Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be found to meet Trudeau when he arrived, not even in a Twitter greeting. It didn’t help that just before Trudeau’s visit, “the magazine Outlook India published a series of articles warning that Canada was nurturing a resurgence of Khalistani terrorism.” Upon arrival, Trudeau was greeted  by a junior agriculture minister.

Trudeau’s “diversity” credo has manifested itself in a manner that has angered the Indian establishment, and for good reason. Trudeau seeks the Sikh vote “so much so that he even attended a Khalsa Day parade organized by a radical Gurudwara, or Sikh temple, in Toronto. Some Sikh Gurudwaras in Canada have also barred the entry of Indian diplomats.” Likewise, Trudeau seeks the Muslim vote so much that Canada has an “Islamic supremacist entryist problem” in government.

The icing on the cake was the invitation of criminal Jaspal Atwal at a formal dinner reception with Trudeau in India hosted by the Canadian High Commissioner, which heightened the spectacle of Trudeau’s visit. Atwal was sentenced to 20 years in a Canadian court for his part in the attempted murder of a visiting Indian state minister. Pictures of him posing with Trudeau’s wife Sophie at a banquet in Mumbai were also splashed across media outlets, and it emerged that his name made the guest list through the machinations of Liberal MP Randeep Surai.


former NDP B.C. premier and Liberal federal cabinet minister Ujjal Dosanjh took to Twitter to voice his outrage. ‘You what? Do we have no shame?’ Dosanjh tweeted. ‘Khalistan has seeped deep into the veins of this administration.‘”

The fact that is apparent about Trudeau in India is just as apparent to observant Canadians: that Trudeau is divisive — contrary to his routine mawkishness — and he shamelessly befriends even the most unsavoury “diversity” charlatans, once he thinks they can give him votes.

Last week, an Indian news outlet, TFI Post, openly condemned “Trudeau’s overt support to Khalistanis” because of the recent flareup:

Despite the incident drawing criticism from all quarters, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not uttered a word condemning the offenders. Not only him, even his coalition partner Jagmeet Singh, who is supposed to protect Indian heritage in Canada, has not spoken a word about it. There is a reason behind this concerted silence. Whatever was written on the Mandir has both the active and tacit support of Jagmeet Singh.

Canada’s reputation has taken a beating under Trudeau.

“India asks its nationals in Canada to ‘remain vigilant’ over sharp increase in hate crime incidents,” WION, September 23, 2022:

India has asked its nationals in Canada to “exercise due caution and remain vigilant” because of the “sharp increase in incidents of hate crimes, sectarian violence and anti-India activities in Canada”.

In a statement on Friday (September 23), India’s ministry of external affairs said that the perpetrators of these crimes have not been brought to justice so far in Canada.

The statement added that the ministry and High Commission/Consulates General in Canada have taken up these incidents with the Canadian authorities. The authorities have also requested them to investigate the said crimes and take appropriate action.

“In view of the increasing incidences of crimes as described above, Indian nationals and students from India in Canada and those proceeding to Canada for travel/education are advised to exercise due caution and remain vigilant,” the ministry mentioned.

The advisory from the Indian ministry comes a day after India on Thursday termed the so-called Khalistan referendum conducted by separatist groups as a “farcical exercise”.

While speaking at a weekly media briefing, MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said India had conveyed its concerns to Canada about the use of its territory by politically motivated “extremist elements”……