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Burna Boy aggressively flings fan that tried to climb on stage and grab him (Video)



Nigerian star singer Damini ”Burna Boy” Ogulu has been captured on tape reacting just as he said he would, should fan mount the stage while he is performing.

The Grammy winner had on Monday warned during his Space Drift concert that he could ‘enter anyone’ who attempts to climb the stage to grab him.

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In his words: “I know say na love, the love fit enter your body you go want jump on stage and things like that. It took me a long while to get used to it because I don’t know your intention, I no know whether I don do you something before so I fit just enter you normally.

But now we don dey understand say na love but please let’s try our best to not startle me too much so I don’t do something crazy.”

Well, an overzealous fan seemed to have thought it was a joke as he tried jumping up to get closer to the artiste.

But the Dangote crooner was not having any of that because he did not even wait for security to do their job, he just pushed the fan back into the crowd with aggression.

Watch the video HERE

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