Human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju has taken a swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari for being nepotistic towards certain groups.


According to Deji, Buhari is supposed to see to his responsibilities as the leader of the nation but he has relegated it to the background and has focused on being partial.

In a post on his verified Twitter page, Deji slammed Buhari for showing favouritism for the people from the North whilst he has turned his back on the Southerners.

He wrote: “Buhari has technically handed over Nigeria to terrorists groups. The takeover of a military base yesterday in Zamfara confirms this. He is not interested in fighting insecurity but critics and the opposition. He hates IPOB and Oduduwa agitators so much but pampers terrorists.

“You will all see how Buhari will deploy 30,000 soldiers and police in an attempt to rig the Anambra elections but he ignores all the security challenges in the North.These bandits have brought down a military jet and killed many soldiers and citizens but he is not concerned.”

See reactions:

@lireimtlz: The agenda is still amnesty. They wi let it detoirate so bad just for one Northern President to sign amnesty to northern youths. Las Las na Yoruba go dey do ranka dede

@Dim95147909: And another problem is that when a new ruler not leader is rigged into power and he does a little to counter terrorists, Nigeria will declare him a messiah

@toks171: Can we demand the US list the sponsors of terrorism in Nigeria.

@DanielsKesy: Comrade go get ur PVC the harm won’t reach you.

@troup_prince: Lol this is for Nigerian sha me I no be Nigerian why I go get pvc way no day work

@donaldinho66: Buhari to the world. He forgets, this goes around, it will go round