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Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss promises to lead as a conservative, but will she really?



After meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss has taken over Britain’s leadership as successor to a failed Boris Johnson and has said that she intends to “govern as a Conservative” with “a bold plan to cut taxes and grow our economy.” Can the new prime minister cause a significant shift enough to lead Britain back to being a significant player on the global front and save its free society from further assault? There is a big difference between governing as leader of the Conservative party and governing as a conservative. To do the latter, Truss would need to adhere to conservative philosophies and policies, which are all-encompassing. There are numerous conservative-in-name-only types, such as Boris Johnson. Thanks to Leftist policies, Western free societies are in crisis, as their worst enemies, including China and Iran, are on the rise.

Here’s a glimpse of Liz Truss’ promises and policies, indicating where she stands on key issues. These issues show distinctly whether a leader is a genuine conservative or an appeaser and liberal in disguise.

Muslim rape gangs

Truss is going after them. She pledges to hold police to account over their action against “repulsive grooming gangs in “places like Telford,” but is she willing to tell it like it is? Will she acknowledge that these “grooming gangs” were predominantly Pakistani Muslim rape gangs, who targeted infidel girls? Truss is right to be tough on the police, but what about the ideology that undergirds these Muslim rape gangs, thus enabling them to continue abusing girls at will, with no accountability? Young innocent British girls continue to be at great risk.

Truss was quoted by the Independent saying that “she will take ‘a zero tolerance approach to Islamophobia’ after letters from All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims.” How does this work for Muslim rape gang victims, since Islamic lobbies regard merely recognizing their identity as “Islamophobic”? Let’s see how Truss reconciles Muslim rape gang issues, illegal Muslim migrant issues, and free speech that offends Islam with her stated commitment to take a “zero-tolerance for ‘Islamophobia’ approach.” Islamic supremacist pressure to conform to their sharia ideals and not offend Muslims is enormous. Already, Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND) has gone into full manipulation mode to solidify its influence with Truss and the Conservative party. The group congratulated Truss and proceeded to offer her “five action points to assist her in demonstrating zero-tolerance for ‘Islamophobia,’” in other words, to live up to her own promise.

Illegal Muslim migration 

Britain has endured a steady flow of illegal economic migrants primarily from North Africa and the Middle East for years, coming into the country across the English Channel. These numbers are expected to top 60,000 this year. Liz Truss insisted she will “absolutely” use the Royal Navy to stop migrants crossing the English Channel illegally. And a “military presence would be maintained under her premiership.” We shall see.


We’ll have to wait and see on this one, too, particularly in light of Iran’s rapid escalation as a nuclear threshold state. Truss told Iran back in February that she hopes that the UK will soon be able to repay a £400m debt, a debt “dating back to the sale of tanks to the shah of Iran in the mid-1970s.” Yet the shah is no longer in power; the UK doesn’t owe that money to the mullahs. She also “praised Tehran for housing as many as 2 million refugees.”

As if that weren’t enough, on the prospect of a new Iran nuclear deal, Truss reportedly “wanted to stress the upside of both sides reaching a deal.” Let’s hope she will now be advised better in how to deal with Iran and walks this back quickly. Iran lied about the 2015 nuke deal as it enriched uranium toward making a bomb. And a new deal is close. The Iranian regime sees appeasement and conciliation as weakness. Also, Iran’s Shia regime views women as inferiors.


Haaretz states that Liz Truss Could Be the Most pro-Israel British Prime Minister Ever. Truss has steadily supported Israel, and it looks as if she is prepared to move the British embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In response to the tired old propaganda accusations of Israel killing Palestinians, Truss has stated that “the UK stands by Israel and its right to defend itself.”

Environment and Energy:

Truss isn’t a tree hugger; she is not among those who are hell-bent on destroying Britain’s energy supplies and transforming the globe in line with World Economic Forum madness, as are Joe Biden, Canada’s Justin Trudeau and all too many European leaders. This is why woke blokes including Owen Jones are savaging her; Jones wrote in the Guardian: “Liz Truss puts hard-right ideology above lives – and is backing oil and gas to prove it.”

COVID lockdowns, taxes and less government

Truss doesn’t back COVID lockdowns that didn’t seem to apply to partying politicians who were too good for their own rules. She also says that she believes in less government and lower taxes, “saying she will govern as a Conservative, Truss said she intended to deliver ‘what we promised voters in 2019’ and said she would push a ‘bold plan to cut taxes’ and grow the British economy.”

Liz Truss also says that she regrets “draconian” COVID lockdowns, which failed to stop the spread of COVID and ruined the economy. She has sworn never to reimpose them.

Her vow to cut taxes and decrease government handouts stemming from the COVID economy would have to be carefully implemented, given the miserable state of Britain’s economy.  According to th far-Left Guardian, realities may make implementation of her plans difficult:

“Yet brute necessity will be Truss’s handmaid. Energy consumers, producers and retailers are screaming in agony. Thousands of small businesses face bankruptcy. After 12 years of Tory government, Truss will be forced to summon Labour’s state interventionism to her rescue.”
“Labour’s state interventionism” may be going to far, but compromise may prove imperative. 

What the Guardian says should always be taken with reserve, but there is no doubt that Truss faces an uphill battle.

Wokeism and antisemitism 

Why even pair them together? Because in one fell swoop, Truss accused the civil service of having a culture of both, and vowed to change this as prime minister. Everything you want to know about Liz Truss and her stance on wokeism is stated in her own words in this Daily Mail article, aptly entitled:  “Equality should be for everyone – not just for the woke warrior’s favoured few.”

Any predictions of how Truss may perform cannot be conclusive. But if the woke media attacks on Truss are any indicator, then there is cause for hope in Britain’s new prime minister — unless, of course, she breaks under Left media bias and Islamic supremacist demands, as so many on the Right tend to do. Truss is already being compared to Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher, to be sure, would not be found kowtowing to Islamic special interest groups, countries or Leftists.

We will know quite soon, amid all of today’s global crises, whether Truss is up to leading Britain.