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Boy who was adopted breaks down in tears as new parents surprise him with first ever birthday cake



The emotional moment an orphaned boy’s birthday was celebrated by his foster family has gone viral on social media.

The boy simply known as Abraham, had recently been adopted by the family, so it was a special and moving act for him to feel loved.

He got his very first birthday cake and he was so overwhelmed with joy that he broke down in tears. Abraham also hugged his foster dad and mum so deeply.

The video shows when the cake was brought close to him and dropped on the table to blow out the candles.

There was a part which showed when he even forgot to make a wish before blowing out the candles on his cake.

Watch the clip below:

A social media user said: This made me extremely sad. Just made me realize all the things I take for granted. I’m glad I seen this. Definitely gonna try and be more grateful for everything in my life. Happy birthday, little buddy. Hope you enjoyed your birthday cake.

Another user said; My heart is touched and I started crying. This is beautiful. This is so beautiful, made me cry. Happy Birthday sweet Boy,I think your wish has already come true.

Meanwhile a video which has gone viral online captures the emotional moment a Head Girl named Bashiru Wasilat was crying profusely during her graduation in Oyo State.

It was gathered that she broke down in tears while delivering her farewell speech because her parents were unable to attend the ceremony.

According to Twitter @Oluwakayodey_, who was the MC at the event, Wasilat is on the verge of stopping school because her parents are poor, which is also the main reason they were nowhere to be found on her graduation day.

Her father currently has no job while the mum is a petty trader and they are barely able to survive.

The MC revealed that the school handled some of the finances including the graduation gown Wasilat was wearing.

The smart 11-year-old girl who is now a graduate of God’s Light Group of Schools, Oyo town, Oyo state, took first position in class and passed every subject with flying colours.

@Oluwakayodey_ made an appeal to well-meaning persons to come to the girl’s aid as she has no one to turn to.