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Boy speedily jumps over friend’s gate as guard dog tries to welcome him



A young boy channeled his inner Spiderman when faced with possible threat to life posed by a dog.

Two guys visited their friend and were greeted by the guard dog, which did not give them breathing space.

In a video which surfaced online, the animal charged at the two of them as though it wanted to attack and started barking aggressively.

One of the boys was so scared that he jumped climbed the house gate which was locked and flew over to the other side.

The dog then turned its attention to the other boy who remained in the compound and it tried to bite him, but he screamed at the top of his lungs.

Its owner could be heard in background dishing out instructions which it seems the animal was not obeying.

Watch the video below:

Similarly, a brief interaction between a police officer and a motorist’s dog sparked reactions from Nigerians on social media.

The motorist was driving with his dog in the car when the officer stopped him at a checkpoint on the road. It reportedly took place in Ogoni, River state.

But before the policeman could start interrogating the man, his dog began to bark viciously at the officer, thereby instilling fear in him.

The security agent was forced to make a friendly pleas by saying that it has not gotten to the point of aggression.

”E don reach like that? we are together,” he said while the dog continued barking.

The animal seemed ready to jump out of the car to attack the policeman but its owner prevented such from happening.

He was eventually permitted to drive off without being search or asked to present his car papers.


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