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Boston councilor proposes that birthday of Iranian woman killed for wearing hijab improperly be named ‘Hijab Day’



Tania Fernandes Anderson’s twisted reasoning here is that Mahsa Amini was killed for wearing her hijab, and Muslim women in the U.S. supposedly are targets of “Islamophobia” for wearing hijab, so therefore her birthday should be “Hijab Day.” Yes, it’s insane. Yes, it’s a slap in the face for the Iranian protestors who are risking their lives to stand up to Iran’s Islamic regime. Yes, it’s the American Left.

“Boston councilor proposes official ‘Hijab Day’ on Mahsa Amini’s birthday,” Jerusalem Post, October 23, 2022:

Boston Councilor Tania Fernandes Anderson put forward a resolution forward late last week, suggesting that Mahsa Amini’s birthday, September 23, should be recognized as Boston’s official Hijab Day, according to the official City of Boston, in a move that has sparked considerable outrage.

On Thursday, October 19, Fernandes Anderson stood in front of the city council and spoke about her worries regarding the rise of Islamophobia that surrounds hijab-wearing women in the US.

“For the past few weeks, people of good conscience a month or so from around the world have joined in the protest, the thousands across Iran demanding justice for Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman who died after three days in custody of Iran’s notorious morality police after being accused of not properly covering her hair,” she said.

“These protests in the heart of Iran have featured brave women burning their scarves and cutting their hair in the face of arrest, abuse, and in some cases, even death to show their solidarity with Amini’s family and their will for freedoms and access to a joyful life absence of suppression from an oppressive state.”

She continued, talking about the protests and Amini, leading the conversation to focus on justice for Amini and the other women who were killed for the crime of improperly worn hijabs, demonstrating the various ways one can wear a hijab, seemingly to prove that there is no incorrect way to do so.

“I, an African woman, wear my scarf and put it in a bun. It’s simple,” she said, adding that meanwhile, “Mahsa Amini said, ‘I’ll just wrap it around. It’s not a big deal, it’s just a scarf.’

“You see, whether I wear it or I don’t, it’s my choice,” she ended her speech, justifying the resolution she was putting forward….