The National Security Council stated on Friday that terrorists’ ability to launch rockets at any section of the country is a matter of concern.


Usman Alkali Baba, the Inspector-General of Police, made the disclosure while answering questions from State House reporters following the President’s Security Council meeting.

He claimed that the terrorists were unable to achieve their goals with the rocket launched.

“They are launching it in major towns; they are launching it in Maiduguri. It is a concern. And it has been seriously checkmated. There are efforts to continuously checkmate it.”

“What they had done yesterday (Thursday), yes, they have done it, but to a large extent, they have not achieved what they have intended to achieve because of the situation the security agencies particularly the military put in place,” he said.

“Yes, it had been done before and even after. Some of those who must have planned and thrown those rockets have been taken out.

“The security agencies are trying to improve on what they are already doing to ensure there is peace, law and order during the Yuletide period and beyond.

“The marching orders are always the same; you have even told Nigerians the marching orders of the President. It has always been the same. There is no space; there is no tolerance to any threat to security.

“There is no sparing of any terrorists and there must be an intelligence gathering, there must be proactive prevention of crime and there must be checkmating of all those that are involved in criminal activities, whether it be terrorism, banditry or armed robbery or whatever and that is what we are trying to do to the best of our knowledge and ability.”

Before President Muhammadu Buhari arrived in Maiduguri for a one-day working visit on Thursday, Boko Haram fired a rocket into the town.

The rockets, which landed in the Ngomari Ayashe hamlet, killed four children and injured at least 16 others, according to reports.