Crossdresser Bobrisky has shared his reasons why he loves Davido but then pleaded that his posts should not be misquoted because he only loves his personality and nothing more.


Bobrisky after sharing a photo of Davido claimed he loves him and even though he has never met him before he knows he has a good heart because people with good hearts know themselves indirectly stating that he has a good heart.

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Bobrisky then added that no one should misquote his words as he only likes the personality of Davido and we wonder what actually came to his mind after writing that he loves Davido because he has a good heart to say no one should twist his writeup.

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If you say you live someone because of his/her personality there’s nothing wrong with that but this caution of Bobrisky adding that he likes just his personality and nothing else before his post gets twisted makes us wonder if there’s more to loving someone with a good heart or the personality of another.

It sometimes feels so weird for a man to say he loves another man but for the context in which Bobrisky put his makes it look normal as a man can love another man because he has a good heart and for his personality but what made him add that no one should twist his words?

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